DC Officially Acknowledges July As Fibroids Awareness Month

July 19, 2016

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Dr. Natalya E. Danilyants, MD and The White Dress Project Address Washington, D.C. City Council On The Risks Of Delaying Fibroid Treatment

On July 15, 2016, members of the newly appointed chapter of The White Dress Project and CIGC co-founder Natalya Danilyants MD met with members of the D.C. Council to discuss the implications of fibroids, the various fibroid treatments options and their risks, the need for better research and efforts to increase awareness. In several states across the country, Tanika Gray, founder of The White Dress Project, has led efforts to mark July as Fibroids Awareness Month. State support of this campaign began in Georgia, where Ms. Gray lives, and has continued in Florida, Louisiana, and New York, with more states on target to adopt in 2016.

Watch Dr. Danilyants at the D.C. City Council Session on July 15th

Dr. Danilyants Fibroids Discussion Part 1

Dr. Danilyants Fibroids Discussion Part 2

Dr Danilyants

Posted to The White Dress Project instagram account:

fibroids awareness month DC

Dr. Natalya Danilyants (second from left), joined The White Dress Project to launch Fibroids Awareness Month in Washington, D.C.


July is officially #FibroidsAwarenessMonth in D.C.!!! ????? We want to be a resource for women in the DMV area who are currently suffering and a source of advocacy for all women. Thank you Councilwoman #yvettealexander #WeCanWearWhite #DareToWearWhite

The newly formed D.C. chapter of The White Dress Project hosted a breakfast to announce the new legislation sponsored by D.C. Councilwoman Yvette Alexander, and an evening event that welcomed dozens of attendees, both of which encouraged attendees to wear white.

The Significance of The White Dress

Women who have fibroids often shy away from wearing white dresses due to the unpredictability of heavy bleeding that is often a symptom of the condition. The organization uses the white dress as a symbol of living a life free from that worry. More than 80 percent of women will have fibroids by age 50. The rate for African American women is approximately 94 percent, with the fibroids occurring more frequently, with more of them, and tending to grow larger than fibroids in women of other races.  Fibroids can cause infertility or create difficult pregnancies, miscarriage or preterm births.

According to the National Institutes of Health, fibroids and other common gynecological conditions represent an important health concern due to the large number of women affected. Advocacy efforts are underway. Extensive research is needed about why fibroids develop in the first place, why African-American women get them more frequently and with more severity than other races, and how they affect fertility.

Rayna Smith, Esq DC Council Director of Health and Human Services fibroids awareness month

Rayna Smith, Esq D.C. Council, Director of Health & Human Services

D.C. Announces July is Fibroids Awareness Month

Rayna Smith, Esq., director for the Committee on Health and Human Services, and representative for Councilwoman Alexander’s office, shared her own experiences with family members and friends who have struggled with fibroids.

Dr. Danilyants was invited to the expert panel to share what she has experienced as a minimally invasive GYN specialist.

“Too often, women with fibroids are told that if fibroids don’t bother them, than they do not need to be treated,” said Dr. Danilyants. “Or they are told to wait and watch them before seeking removal. This is the wrong approach. Fibroids continue to grow, and even if women don’t experience symptoms that are more common, they can cause damage to surrounding organs, or distort the uterus making it hard for women to conceive or carry a baby to term. It is important for women to have fibroids removed early so that do not grow large and cause these kinds of problems.”

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