Superior Outcomes and Recovery, Lowest Cost

Laparoscopic specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care® (CIGC®) have one mission: to give you the personalized, world-class surgery experience you deserve.


The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC) is an advanced laparoscopic GYN surgical practice and a worldwide destination for women suffering from fibroids, endometriosis, and other complex GYN conditions. CIGC has been providing advanced GYN surgical care for patients for more than 20 years, and continues to refine and develop procedures and techniques that allow women to achieve the best possible GYN care at the lowest possible cost. CIGC routinely publishes its results.

There are three main reasons why CIGC is different from other providers:

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1. CIGC Surgeons are "Hyper-Specialists"

  • The Hyper-Specialists at CIGC are GYN Oncology trained surgeons — the highest level of training. They are able to provide the best possible outcomes for GYN surgery.
  • CIGC surgeons focus on surgery 100% of the time.
  • CIGC surgeons are not “generalists” like OBGYN’s who mainly do Obstetrics. Nor are they “specialists” who may have had some additional training.

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2. CIGC Surgeons Use Superior Techniques and Procedures

  • Superior Techniques are the most important factor in creating superior outcomes by decreasing complications, blood loss, recovery times, and cost.
    • Retroperitoneal Excision Therapy for Endometriosis — the best possible excision option for removal of endometriosis
    • LAAM — Laparoscopic Assisted Myomectomy — an approach for removal of fibroids throughout the uterus proven superior to Robotics and Open surgery (1)
    • DualportGYN — for Hysterectomy, Ovarian Cysts, Adenomyosis — unrivaled in a comparison study to robotics, laparoscopic, open, and vaginal procedures (2)
  • Robots are NOT needed, which Increase the number of incisions, time of surgery, complications, recovery and higher cost.

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3. CIGC Surgeons Provide "Value Based Care" - The highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost.

  • Complications are far lower thereby decreasing costs.
    • Blood transfusions, ICU care, surgical complications, and many others can be avoided using CIGC procedures. •
  • Recovery is Faster, getting patients back to work with far less downtime.
  • The Hospital is NOT Needed.
    • CIGC approved Surgery Centers provide safe and effective care while decreasing infection rates and hospital complications (3).
    • Not using hospitals dramatically reduces the cost to patients by more than 60%.
      • Patients can save up to $2,000 at CIGC Surgery Centers
  • Robots are NOT Required. Robots increase the time of surgery, overall costs, and are hospital based.
  • Insurance is Accepted IN Network.

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Consider a Consultation with a CIGC Surgeon

A consultation with a CIGC hyper-specialist will provide a higher level of options with lower complications, fewer incisions and pain, faster recovery, and higher safety profile than other approaches to GYN surgery. Elimination of hospitals and robotics decreases the complexity of the surgical procedure while reducing costs.

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