Laparoscopic Endometriosis Excision

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Endometriosis is a complex GYN condition that requires advanced laparoscopic excision expertise. If treated incorrectly, endometriosis can worsen, potentially causing more pain and additional damage to surrounding organs.

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Endometriosis Excision

The Center for Innovative GYN Care® (CIGC®) endometriosis excision specialists are world-renowned for performing advanced techniques for endometriosis removal with superior results. The CIGC surgeons developed the powerful laparoscopic DualPortGYN® technique to treat complex GYN conditions. Two tiny incisions are cosmetically placed at the midline between the abdominal muscles, so pain is minimized and scars are practically invisible. The DualPortGYN surgical technique ensures all of the endometriotic implants (lesions) can be seen, so excision procedures are thorough, and patients experience less pain after surgery.

Endometriosis excision is the gold-standard approach to treating this chronic condition. Also known as resection of endometriosis, this technique preserves the uterus, tubes, and ovaries for women who wish to maintain fertility. There is no cure for endometriosis, but the pain from the condition can be managed with specialist care that may include medication and laparoscopic treatments.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition. Some women will have a recurrence of pain within two years of surgery. Any course of treatment is discussed thoroughly by the specialists, and is weighed against each patient’s goals for fertility.

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The CIGC GYN Laparoscopic Endometriosis Excision Advantage

The CIGC endometriosis excision surgeons perform the most minimally invasive procedures. Our advanced-trained laparoscopic GYN specialists have made a commitment to surgery with the most modern techniques available. Even the most complex GYN surgeries at CIGC are performed with exceptional outcomes. Our techniques set us apart.

RP Dissection®: Retroperitoneal dissection is an advanced technique used to help laparoscopic GYN specialists visualize and map the pelvic cavity. The retroperitoneal space is covered by a membrane called the peritoneum. By going behind (retro) the lining (peritoneal), the surgeon completely visualizes all of the anatomy of the pelvis including:

  • Ureter (the tube that drains urine from the kidney to the bladder)
  • Large vessels of the pelvis
  • Lower portion of the bladder
  • Bowel

This technique is important for the treatment of endometriosis, as the condition can lead to pelvic adhesions (scarring) due to inflammation caused by the disease. These adhesions can create a condition called frozen pelvis, where the internal organs become stuck together. By visualizing the pelvic cavity, the CIGC surgical specialists can resect these adhesions and prevent injuries or complications both during and after the surgery.


Excision is a conservative surgery that can improve pain. Following conservative surgery with medical management can help to extend the length of pain control.

Hysterectomy with the removal of the ovaries is often suggested for women who have endometriosis. The theory is that the reduction in hormones from the removal of the ovaries may help to control endometriosis which is triggered by estrogen. However, having a hysterectomy without excision performed at the same time may not be effective. Women may still experience pain if endometriosis is left behind.

Choosing the right specialists for endometriosis removal is an essential part of managing your condition. Many women spend tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for specialist care. At CIGC, we accept most major insurance, ensuring our patients can focus on getting healthy. Our advance-trained specialists understand that many women with endometriosis suffer intense pain. We put the needs of our patients first. Consult the CIGC world-renowned minimally invasive endometriosis excision specialists.

Why Is Endometriosis Excision Performed?

ENDOMETRIOSIS & FERTILITY: Endometriosis excision is a conservative surgical approach which improves pain, and can often preserve fertility. Currently, endometriosis has no cure, but if performed by a GYN surgical specialist, excision can often improve a woman’s ability to conceive.

SYMPTOMS: Painful periods, pain with bowel movements, pain with sexual intercourse, low back pain, bowel or bladder symptoms, especially near the time of a period (for example blood in the urine or stool that only occurs at the time of a menstrual cycle), infertility.

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