DualportGYN: the Future of Hysterectomy is NOW

Created by the Hyper-Specialists at CIGC, the future of Hysterectomy is HERE, and it is DualportGYN – THERE IS NO BETTER OPTION!

  • Not Embolization
  • Not Robotic Surgery
  • Not Laparoscopic or Open Surgery
  • Not Medical Therapy with Orihann or MyFemBree

Can't Be Done

“I consulted with several specialists. As a licensed clinician myself, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND INNOVATIVE GYN and I am so grateful for the care I received.”

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“The best GYN service ever! They are experts and know how to treat the toughest cases…due to my scarring and adhesions my local doctors did not want to perform my surgery. After my surgery my recovery was much faster than if I had used traditional surgery”

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“My top rated obgyn had me at a full surgery with a 6-8 week recovery…cancelled my surgery with my obgyn….Results? I walked a mile and a half just 7 days after surgery. I honestly could not be happier.”

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“CIGC was willing and able to help me even after several doctors turned me away. I am extremely grateful that they performed my partial hysterectomy, They are really amazing!”

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“All other surgeons told me open surgery was the only option for me. CIGC proved them wrong! 5 stars is not nearly enough!!! Don’t hesitate to check with them on helping you. Reach out with confidence.”

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“In NY. I kept being told was that I wouldn’t be able to have a minimally invasive surgery..My (uterus) up to my sternum…CIGC was able to perform my surgery with tiny incisions …my energy is back, lost 20lbs. I’m not wearing maternity looking clothes or being asked “when are you due” by strangers. This surgery has been a life saver…”

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“I had 20+ fibroid tumors, the largest the size of a grapefruit. From Washington State…I was able to take two walks that same day….I am amazed at how good I feel..so glad I did not have an open procedure, which was the only choice with doctors at home…seamless”

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“From Dallas for my procedure….I was back on my feet the next day. I would highly recommend that any woman out there always get a second opinion from CIGC before they proceed with any robotic or open procedures. This has absolutely changed my life and I cannot recommend CIGC enough.”

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Michigan. “had the best experience had a hysterectomy no down time, went to mall the next day. Went to Hard Rock Café day after that. Next day went to downtown dc……didn’t have to take pain medicine would highly recommend facility.”

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“In Florida went to my GYN here she told me that because of my scar tissue (and 14 cm fibroid) she was hesitant to perform my hysterectomy. Surgery in less than 2 hours changed my life..kept my ovaries… no menopause. To Florida in two days…back to work in 2 weeks….0 pain. I am 6 months period free and loving it. CIGC and staff are God sent and I will be forever grateful.”

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“I am so glad I found CIGC. I had a supracervical laparoscopic hysterectomy on August 14th and my recovery was 7 – 10 days…made one small incision in my pelvic area and a tiny one in my belly button! AMAZING! Thank you CIGC!”

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“This was the smoothest surgery experience I’ve ever had from consult to schedule to my actual surgery… CIGC gave me my life back, cannot thank enough. My recovery has been great with only 2 tiny incisions. Thank you CIGC!”

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“I was scheduled for a supracervical hysterectomy. Recovery has been amazing. I walked over 1 mile in less than 48 hours post-op! Felt great considering this was my very first surgery! Thank you CIGC and staff for all that you do- would recommend you in a heartbeat!”

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“I read reviews saying how non-invasive the hysterectomy procedure is, and that people were able to start going for walks after 2 days, etc. It’s all true! No complications, very professional, a quick recovery…”

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“I saw CIGC in June 2019 for a hysterectomy. I can’t say enough about how amazing they all were! My pain was minimal, I actually went to the movies the next night! If any woman is contemplating this procedure, I highly recommend CIGC. Minimum cuts, little pain, one of the best decisions I made. Thank you CIGC for your care!”

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“The recovery was unbelievable. Dualport hysterectomy should be the standard of care for hysterectomy. Two small incisions, walking the same day, minimal pain, and in a surgery center. I do not understand why others are not doing this.”

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The Top 10 Reasons why CIGC’s DualportGYN Hysterectomy is Your “NO BETTER OPTION” Choice.

Experienced Specialists

Performed by CIGC “Hyper-Specialists” – GYN Oncology trained surgeons at the highest level of training who concentrate ONLY on surgery, not Obstetrics, providing patients the best possible care and outcome.

Symptom Relief

Symptom relief of severe pain, bleeding, back pain and pelvic pressure, bloating, distension, urinary frequency in a one hour procedure.

Fast Recovery

Fastest Recovery, walking the day of surgery and return to work in 7 days, not weeks or months.

Small Incisions

Incisions – two cosmetically placed and the ability to remove a uterus of any size on any size patient.

No Menopause

Preserves your OVARIES to ensure you do NOT go into menopause.

Regular Function

Preserves your CERVIX to maintain normal vaginal function and support.

Reliable Procedure

Conversion to open surgery at close to 0%.

No Hospital

Performed in a surgery center at far lower costs. Robotics NOT needed – avoid longer hospital surgery, higher complications and costs.

Improved Outcomes

Better outcomes than embolization – faster recovery, immediate symptom relief.

Clinically Proven

Published in peer reviewed journal comparison trials showing superior results to other hysterectomy procedures (see citations below).

The CIGC Difference – Hyper-Specialists, Superior Techniques and Procedures, Superior Outcomes and Publications

DualportGYN Compared to Other Types of Hysterectomy

Featured Published Research – DualportGYN Hysterectomy Comparison Trial

DualportGYN Hysterectomy – Insurance and Hysterectomy Cost

Superior surgical results do not mean a higher cost. In fact, DualportGYN Hysterectomy procedures have the lowest cost of any other hysterectomy procedure available. (References Above). CIGC Hyper-Specialists accept most insurances, allowing access to most patients and providing the best possible care. Since the procedures are performed in surgery centers approved by CIGC, hysterectomy costs are further greatly reduced compared to the hospital, and safety is greatly increased.

DualportGYN Hysterectomy Compared to “Non-Surgical” Approaches

Non-Hysterectomy Approaches to Fibroid Treatment – Embolization (UFE)

Embolization, also known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization, has a very different approach to treatment, symptomatic relief, and recovery times.

  • Embolization “kills” fibroids by injecting plastic beads through the arteries into the blood supply of the fibroids.
  • The beads block blood flow to the fibroids, the fibroids die, and then necrose or decompose while still in the uterus. This is called “degeneration” and can lead to significant pain and cramping to the uterus for an extended period of time.
  • Embolization DOES NOT REMOVE FIBROIDS. This means that the “bulk” of the uterus is not decreased immediately. Bulk symptoms include pain, frequency of urination, pelvic pressure and back pain, bloating and distension, leg pain and swelling.
  • It may take months, years or possibly never for the fibroid bulk symptoms to resolve.
  • Embolization should NOT be used for patients interested in pregnancy, as it can increase the risk of miscarriage and can decrease blood flow to the ovaries. Learn more about Embolization.
Why a Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is NOT a bad word. In fact, when done properly, the hysterectomy procedure can provide a much faster recovery with the longest symptom relief of any other technique or procedure to treat fibroids, adenomyosis, and when indicated endometriosis. That includes myomectomy, embolization or UFE (uterine fibroid embolization), Acessa, Sonata, MRI guided ultrasound, medical therapy, and others.

Consult with a CIGC Hyper-Specialist

Consider a consulation with a CIGC Hyper-Specialist to discuss options available for you and your particular needs. In a 30 minute session, CIGC will customize a treatment plan that will outline differences in surgical and non-surgical options, and how DualportGYN Hysterectomy can help you improve your quality of life and emotional health. CIGC is the leader in minimally invasive GYN surgery, and will always provide information to you that has your best options in mind.

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Superior Surgical Outcomes Published in Top Medical Journals

The DualPortGYN procedure has been proven superior to other minimally invasive techniques and open surgery. In addition, we have shown that these procedures can be performed safely and more efficiently in an ambulatory surgery center. Our nationally and internationally renowned techniques have been published in prestigious medical journals due to exceptional patient outcomes.

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