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Expose Adenomyosis with the help of CIGC Hyper-Specialists. Their focus is on GYN – not Obstetrics – and have the knowledge and experience to help you move towards treatment quickly and effectively. With CIGC on your side, Adenomyosis can easily be eliminated so you can focus on the joy of a life without pain and suffering.

If your doctor is not listening to you, find another one WHO WILL.

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NO WOMAN should have to suffer for years with this condition before a diagnosis is made.

Troubling Symptoms

Severe Bleeding and Clots? Anemia and fatigue? Iron and Blood Transfusions?

Pain and Pressure

Intolerable Back and Pelvic Pain? Knife-like, Burning Uterine Pain? Extreme Pelvic Pressure?

Disrupted Daily Life

Painful Intercourse? An “incapacitating” cycle? Missing work and family activities?

Fearing the Unknown

A normal ultrasound and normal pelvic exam? No known cause of the pain and bleeding? Frustration, Anxiety, and Desperation?

What Women Are Saying

An undiagnosed and often misdiagnosed severely painful pelvic condition that may take years to identify and can cause some of the worst pain and bleeding that a woman will ever have. For many women, monthly cycles are debilitating and dreaded experiences with an unknown cause.

“I suffered for years with pain and extremely heavy bleeding. I tried birth control, was told to consider ablation which would not have helped…CIGC correctly diagnosed me with Adenomyosis and has given me my life back.”

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“After 8 years of heavy bleeding, ultrasounds, OBGYN told me I may need open surgery. After my partial hysterectomy, I walked 3.5 miles with no pain…back to work in 6 days. CIGC has given me “new life” and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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“I had a disease called Adenomyosis. My uterus was rock hard and solid. I have no side effects and my recovery was very short. When deciding on hysterectomy..I had to find CIGC on my own because I was not comfortable with my doctor doing it. Best decision I’ve ever made! “

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“CIGC was willing and able to help me even after several doctors turned me away. I am extremely grateful that they performed my partial hysterectomy, They are really amazing!”

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“I had been suffering for years. I went through 4 surgeries for my severe endometriosis and adenomyosis. (After my procedure) I can honestly say I have not felt this great in years. God saved my life leading me to CIGC.”

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“After 10 years of chronic pain, I’ve seen many doctors for opinions and I felt they were all wrong. I found CIGC who told me I was suffering from Adenomyosis..required a hysterectomy and barely any pain. Amazing!”

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“I originally planned a full, open hysterectomy from my local surgeon…I had the surgery as an outpatient and I felt great just after two weeks. I highly recommend CIGC”

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Seek The Adenomyosis Treatment You Deserve.

Our GYN surgical specialists are ready to provide an evaluation of your symptoms and recommend the best solution for you. To speak with a CIGC team member, call 1-888-787-4379.

Learn More About Adenomyosis

The 6 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Adenomyosis

1. Adenomyosis is often missed by the OBGYN, often with years going by before a diagnosis is made.
  • Ultrasounds are normal, the uterus is normal on exam, but the pain is excruciating and the bleeding horrible.
  • Visit after visit to the OBGYN results in birth control pills, IUDs, ablation procedures, embolization, and others that do not help and often make the pain worse.
  • Often patients make the diagnosis themselves due to frustration and necessity.
2. Adenomyosis is, by far, the most painful condition of the uterus.
  • The lining of the uterus grows into the muscle, bleeds, and continues to grow and become worse with time.
  • Unlike fibroids or even endometriosis that can be removed by surgery, adenomyosis cannot since it grows into the muscle like a spider. Eventually, adenomyosis will take over the entire uterus with worsening symptoms.
  • Estrogen from the ovaries makes adenomyosis grow
  • Patients suffer pain that can be debilitating physically and mentally with associated fatigue due to very heavy bleeding and anemia.
3. The diagnosis of adenomyosis requires experience, a focus on Gynecology and not Obstetrics, and a “clinical” suspicion based on Symptoms.
  • Severe pain, heavy bleeding, back pain and pelvic pressure, pain with intercourse are all common symptoms of adenomyosis.
  • Routine ultrasound and pelvic exam are not helpful. MRI can sometimes help to make the diagnosis.
  • Prior C-Section delivery or uterine surgery, progressive pain and bleeding, and a normal uterus on ultrasound help push the diagnosis to adenomyosis.
  • Most patients are in their late 30’s to early 50’s, although Adenomyosis can be seen in much younger patients.
4. Specialists in Adenomyosis are the Best Option for Diagnosis and Treatment
  • True specialists, such as CIGC Hyper-Specialists have the knowledge and training, as well as the experience, to make the diagnosis just by listening to the patient’s symptoms and history.
5. Adenomyosis is best treated with a partial hysterectomy
  • DualportGYN Hysterectomy is the best option: 2 small incisions, lowest complications and recovery time, minimal pain, back to work in 7 days.
  • The ovaries and sometimes the cervix can be retained to allow for normal hormone production and no menopause, and to keep the pelvic floor intact and maintain normal sexual function.
  • Ablation of the uterine lining and embolization (blockage of the uterine artery blood supply) should never be used for adenomyosis. They will make the condition and the symptoms worse.
6. Fertility patients may benefit from limited resection of Focal Adenomyosis. Hormone therapy provides a short-term option that does not remove the disease.
  • LARA: Laparosopic Assisted Resection of Adenomyosis, is performed by CIGC Hyper-Specialists for Focal disease – adenomyosis “isolated” to a certain area of the uterus that is identified by MRI, and can be resected. Discussion with a CIGC specialists about the risks and benefits of LARA is important.
  • Hormone therapy may provide short-term relief of pain and bleeding

As can be seen from the above picture, adenomyosis grows into the muscle of the uterus, and continues to grow with time causing more pain and bleeding.

Fibroids do not grow into the muscle and are easily removed. Adenomyosis cannot be removed unless the muscle is removed as well.

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What Women Are Saying

This is my love story. From the moment I called CIGC, I experienced peace.”

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Provides the Best Short and Long Term Option for the Treatment of Adenomyosis.

CIGC Hyper-Specialists use the DualportGYN procedure for the best outcomes and shortest recovery.


DualPortGYN® Compared to Other Hysterectomy Techniques

CIGC Hyper-Specialists are GYN Oncology trained surgeons – the highest level of training – and perform DualportGYN Hysterectomy to provide patients the fastest recovery, least amount of pain, smallest incisions, and lowest complications and cost.

With DualPortGYN, CIGC surgeons limit incisions to less than a half of an inch, ensuring minimal scarring and a quick recovery.

Give one of our patient advocates a call at 1-888-787-4379 or click the button below to talk through your options.

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What Life Is Like After Adenomyosis Treatment

I went home the same day and there was never any pain from the actual surgery at all. Even with the incisions, there are no scars. I feel like a totally different woman. I don’t have to hold back. I can plan my life.​”

Life After Adenomyosis Treatment is Stunning – No Pain, No Bleeding, and the Ability to Get Your Life Back.

EXPOSE Adenomyosis and Get the Treatment You Deserve.

A consult with a CIGC HyperSpecialist will provide all the options available for your care, from Medical Therapy to Surgery, with your future goals and needs in mind.

Superior Surgical Outcomes Published in Top Medical Journals

The LAAM procedure has been proven superior to other minimally invasive techniques and open surgery. In addition, we have shown that these procedures can be performed safely and more efficiently in an ambulatory surgery center. Our nationally and internationally renowned techniques have been published in prestigious medical journals due to exceptional patient outcomes.


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Our GYN surgical specialists are ready to provide an evaluation of your symptoms and recommend the best solution for you. To speak with a CIGC team member, call 1-888-787-4379 or complete the form below.

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