Remove the CYST – NOT the OVARY: Don’t Get More Surgery Than You NEED!

Ovarian Cyst Removal at CIGC . There is NO BETTER OPTION.

The Hyper-Specialists at CIGC will protect your ovary, your hormones, and your fertility and make sure that your ovary is preserved and your cyst removed COMPLETELY. All with a minimally invasive surgery that gets you back to work in three days!

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The Top 5 Reasons CIGC is your BEST option for Ovarian Cyst Removal

1. CIGC Hyper-Specialists are GYN Oncology trained surgeons with the highest level of training possible.
  • NOT OBGYN’s who perform mostly Obstetrics, not surgery
  • NOT “Specialists” – OBGYN’s that perform some surgery, but mainly “specialize” in OB
  • Have devoted their practice and focus to ONLY surgery, 100% of the time
2. Hyper-Specialist Procedures – The BEST Possible Option to Preserve the Ovary
  • Ovarian Preservation techniques ensure ONLY the cyst is removed, NOT the Ovary
  • Endometriosis and Fertility Patients – Preserve Egg Reserve
  • Pre-Menopausal Patients – preserve hormones the ovaries make: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone
3. Cyst Size Does NOT Prevent Removal
  • All cysts are candidates for CIGC Hyper-specialist Procedures
  • SIZE DOES NOT MATTER – Very Large Cysts have been removed
4. Safety is THE Priority
  • CIGC Hyper-Specialists are GYN Oncologists or GYN Oncology trained
  • Potentially cancerous cysts are managed as indicated
5. Value Based Care
  • All insurance accepted in-network
  • Surgery Centers instead of the Hospital – improved safety, convenience, and lower cost

What Patients are saying in online reviews about CIGC

“I had surgery with CIGC to remove the dermoid cyst, and it was discovered during that surgery that I had endometriosis and bowel adhesions. They cleaned me all up.”

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“I had a large, 19-cm mass that needed to be removed of off my left ovary. … I was up and walking around for an entire day three days after surgery. My incisions are healing beautifully and are barely noticeable.”

5 Star Icons

““DualPort GYN is the procedure women deserve!”

5 Star Icons

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Ovarian Cystectomy Hyper-Specialists at CIGC

With more than 25,000 complex GYN procedures to their credit, the minimally invasive Hyper-Specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care are the surgeons of choice for countless women in need of an ovarian cystectomy. For this delicate cyst-removal procedure, CIGC’s experts use an advanced laparoscopic technique that enables them to:

  • Remove cysts while preserving healthy ovaries.
  • Remove any endometriosis that may be discovered during the same procedure.
  • Send you home the same day with minimal pain, just three tiny scars and an expected recovery of 3-5 days.

Unlike OBGYNs, CIGC’s Hyper-Specialists are dedicated solely to GYN surgery. This exclusive focus gives them superior diagnostic and treatment skills. And their advanced training and experience in minimally invasive procedures provides you with the best surgical outcomes, including lower complication rates than open abdominal cystectomies. From your initial consultation to the post-surgical follow-up, you will be treated you with dignity, respect and attention to your well-being.

CIGC Ovarian Cyst Removal FAQ’S

What is Removal of an Ovarian Cyst and Why is it Done?

Ovarian cystectomy refers to the removal of an ovarian cyst while preserving the ovary. Every effort is made to preserve the ovary for patients who desire fertility or want to maintain ovarian function.

Ovarian cysts can cause symptoms such as pelvic pain and pain with intercourse due to endometriomas – collections of endometriosis as a cyst in the ovary. Distension and swelling can occur if the cysts become large. Pressure on the bladder or bowel causing frequency of urination and bowel problems can occur. Torsion of a cyst is the cyst twisting its blood supply, causing severe and sudden pain. For more information on Ovarian Cysts, refer to Conditions, Ovarian Cysts.

Ovarian cysts are relatively common, but surgical treatment depends on whether or not you wish to maintain fertility, symptoms, and also if the cyst is considered “complex” which means potentially at risk for cancer. The vast majority of ovarian cysts are NOT cancerous.

The Hyper-Specialists at CIGC are GYN Oncologists or GYN Oncology trained, and will ensure that you are aware of all of your treatment options, as well as the potential risks and side effects of each. Our advanced laparoscopic techniques make it possible to perform complex GYN procedures, including a minimally invasive ovarian cystectomy, using just two tiny incisions. The procedure usually takes under an hour and most women are back to themselves in just days.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Masses of all sizes can be removed laparoscopically.

The Procedure:

  • Incisions. One or two tiny (1/4 inch) incisions and one slightly larger (3/4 inch) incision are necessary for a cystectomy.
    • The smaller incisions are located at the belly button and on the far right or left side in the bikini line.
    • The larger incision is located just above the pubic bone and is used to remove the cyst.
  • Specialized techniques are used to dissect the cyst from the ovary.
    • In very difficult cases of endometriosis, in which the endometrioma is “stuck” to the ovary, the entire ovary can be “exteriorized” through the lower incision – or brought out – so that only the endometriosis is removed completely and the full ovary preserved.
  • Cautery, or “burning” is not used during the procedure. This can destroy ovarian tissue.
  • Ovarian Reconstruction. The ovary is put back together with sutures to ensure the best possible closure and blood loss control.
  • Cyst Removal. In order to remove the cyst from the body, the cyst is placed in a special bag. This allows for easy removal and prevents fluid from the mass from spilling into the pelvic cavity.
  • Malignancy. Any masses suspicious for malignancy are sent for frozen section analysis. In frozen section, the mass is sent to the pathologist while the patient is still asleep on the operating room table. The pathologist carefully reviews the sections of the mass to rule out cancer.
How Fast is the CIGC Ovarian Cystectomy Recovery?

Recovery after ovarian cystectomy is relatively quick, since the incisions used are small and located cosmetically to decrease pain. Most patients are walking after the procedure the same day, and are back to work in three to five days, with many patients recovering faster. Normal activities can be resumed relatively quickly after these procedures since the incisions are small, and are not through the muscle. Pain can be controlled with Motrin, although sometimes Tylenol 3 or other narcotics may be necessary.

What Are the Advantages of the CIGC Ovarian Cystectomy?

The vast majority of ovarian cysts and masses in premenopausal patients are benign, making laparoscopy a great option for many patients. By using only two or sometimes three incisions, CIGC Minimally invasive ovarian cystectomy procedures allow patients to avoid more incisions and longer surgery with Robotics, and to avoid large, open incisions with much longer recovery times.

Most importantly, the ovary is preserved, and the symptoms are treated with an outpatient procedure that is fast, safe, and is controlled in the convenience of a surgery center while keeping costs as low as possible. Avoiding the hospital – which is NOT possible with Robotic or Open surgery – is a significant advantage both medically and financially.

Superior Surgical Outcomes Published in Top Medical Journals

The DualPortGYN procedure has been proven superior to other minimally invasive techniques and open surgery. In addition, we have shown that these procedures can be performed safely and more efficiently in an ambulatory surgery center. Our nationally and internationally renowned techniques have been published in prestigious medical journals due to exceptional patient outcomes.

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