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Paul MacKoul MD

“Our focus allows us to provide the highest level of skill to each patient,” said Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD. “When it comes to performing GYN surgery, women need to look for minimally invasive outpatient options, and seek a second opinion. Too many doctors are recommending surgery that would be performed as open or robotic procedures. These require a hospital stay and have lengthy recoveries; they are more expensive, and they offer no benefit to the patient. CIGC specialists provide advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures in an outpatient setting so that patients can have the best possible option for their condition. They return to their own homes the same day with much less pain, and eliminate the need for a hospital stay and all of the negatives associated with that.”

fibroid surgery“You would never know I had surgery,” said Gwen T, fibroids patient at The Center for Innovative GYN Care. “You can’t even see where the incisions were. Even speaking about it four years later, it makes me happy.”

In 2011, Gwen consulted Dr. Paul MacKoul about the pelvic pain that coincided with her monthly cycle. Describing her symptoms, Dr. MacKoul realized that she most likely had fibroids pinching a nerve. An ultrasound confirmed it.

For millions of women suffering from endometriosis pain, finding long-term relief can be a frustrating journey. The longer it takes to get a diagnosis can mean more damage from inflammation and scarring. But sadly, it can take up to 10 years for a proper endometriosis diagnosis. Unless seen by a specialist first, it is very common for endometriosis patients to increased pain from surgery performed incorrectly.

At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, our surgical specialists have helped thousands of women with complex GYN conditions.

tampons and pads SmallAbnormal bleeding can be stressful. Planning your life around your monthly cycle can include extra pads, tampons, clothes and sometimes it may mean cancelling plans due to its unpredictability. After one woman’s fibroid surgery, she started to go through her bags, and briefcase and realized how many extra pads she always carried. That is a common habit when you have suffered with a GYN condition for a long time. Learn about the different conditions that cause abnormal bleeding and minimally invasive surgical options that can get you back to you faster.

DualPortGYN Infographic chartWondering how long your hysterectomy recovery will be? Learn why open and robotic procedures are not in the best interest of the patient.

DualPortGYN hysterectomy procedures have better outcomes for patients overall.

Having an in-depth discussion with your surgeon about your options should take your own fears and concerns into account. Many myths exist that make it harder for a woman to make a decision about surgery. Having a surgeon talk you through the facts and listen to your concerns carefully can make all the difference.

white dress projectOn September 17th, The White Dress Project is hosting an event “The Power, Hope and Courage Behind the White Dress,” and has invited women from around the area, OB/GYNs, GYN specialists and mental health practitioners to be part of a discussion on treatment and raising awareness about uterine fibroids and their impact on women’s health and fertility.

uterus fall

As women age, the changes that can happen to her body are too vast to count. Just when you think you are past the point of bleeding and pain each month, you realize you aren’t done with gynecological challenges just yet. Aging brings menopause, increased risks of GYN cancers, and the possibility that your uterus, bladder or rectum will start to sag into your vagina.

Jenny Berkey at beach TNWomen with large fibroids or other complex GYN conditions looking for a skilled GYN specialist in their hometown consistently hear that their only options are either an invasive open procedure or robotic procedure, requiring 6 weeks off of work to recover. LAAM at The Center for Innovative GYN Care is a hybrid uterine sparing fibroid removal surgery that takes the best of laparoscopic (faster recovery, minimal pain) & open procedures (thorough removal).

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The Washingtonian 2015 Best Doctors edition is out, and includes Gynecologic Oncology as one of the categories. Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, co-founder of The Center for Innovative GYN Care and Director of Gynecologic Laparoscopy at Holy Cross Hospital is one of 13 specialists who are named by their peers as the leaders in their field.