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Endometriosis Treatment to Improve Fertility

endometriosis treatment
Choosing a GYN surgical specialist for endometriosis treatment can create a better environment in your womb. improving your chances of conceiving and carrying a child to term.

Thinking about how a baby develops, it’s important for the womb to be the best possible environment. Several GYN conditions can alter the chemistry or the structure of the womb, and affect an embryos’ ability to attach or to develop to term.

Endometriosis can affect fertility in multiple ways. The body responds to endometriosis by releasing excess inflammatory cells. This can cause pain, or create pelvic adhesions which can prevent conception. In addition, the inflammatory cells can potentially affect sperm function or impair the function of the fallopian tubes. Endometriomas, fluid filled cysts on the ovaries that result from endometriosis can alter ovarian function.

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Endometriosis treatment is either managed medically, surgically, or a combination of both. Since endometriosis can vary widely from patient to patient, treatment must be tailored to each individual, depending on her specific conditions and goals. Choosing a GYN surgical specialist will ensure that you are getting the most knowledgeable care, and highest level of skill.

While surgery can help to control the pain and improve chances of conceiving a child, there is no cure. Forty to 80 percent of women will have a recurrence of pain within two years of surgery. Following conservative surgery with medical management can help extend the length of pain control.

Resection of Endometriosis

Resection of endometriosis refers to the excision of the endometrial implants, and is considered conservative surgery designed to improve pain (80 percent of women reported improvement in their symptoms six months after surgery). This type of surgery preserves the uterus, tubes and ovaries as much as possible. Surgery is focused on removing endometriosis and improving symptoms.

Resection of Pelvic Adhesions Caused by Endometriosis

Pelvic adhesions can be completely asymptomatic and not cause any problems. However, when scar tissue causes infertility, pain or gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating and constipation, surgical resection needs to be considered.

Resection of pelvic adhesions require advanced GYN surgical expertise. Because pelvic adhesions can be tricky to treat – there is always the chance that surgery can exacerbate the problem or cause new adhesions to form – it is important to leave your treatment in the hands of an experienced specialist.

Ovarian Endometriomas

An ovarian endometrioma is a benign, estrogen-dependent cyst found in women of reproductive age. It can be a cause of infertility.

Approximately 17 percent of subfertile women have endometriomas. Removing the endometrioma prior to IVF treatments can improve success rates of conceiving and carrying to term.

Endometriomas need to be completely removed rather than drained. If it is not removed, there is an high chance it will return. Medical management of endometriomas larger than one cm has not shown to be effective.

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The surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care  have developed a technique called DualPortGYN,  a remarkable advancement in minimally invasive GYN surgery. The CIGC specialists in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia are the only surgeons nationally and internationally using this approach to surgery. DualPortGYN has been applied successfully to thousands of cases for hysterectomy, cancer, endometriosis, pelvic masses, ovarian cysts and prolapse procedures.

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