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Telemedicine at CIGC

Being evaluated by a CIGC advanced laparoscopic specialist puts you on the path toward recovery from gynecological conditions and symptoms that have been keeping you from feeling your best. And being able to conduct this consultation via phone or secure video conference—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—makes the process convenient and worry-free.

On an individual basis, CIGC surgeons can conduct a video consultation for women who:

  • Are seeking a second opinion for a previous diagnosis.
  • Want to discuss treatment options for their gynecological condition.
  • Are considering traveling long-distance to CIGC for treatment.
  • Require help managing symptoms prior to a scheduled surgery at CIGC.
  • Require monitoring of symptom progression or home health data such as blood pressure readings.
  • Have pre- or post-surgical questions.
  • Are former CIGC patients with new GYN concerns.

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Conditions Treated

CIGC surgeons are specialists in the following GYN conditions and can discuss your treatment options via phone or video conference:

Note that in the event of a medical emergency, which may include heavy, uncontrolled bleeding or difficulty breathing, telemedicine is not a viable option. Call 911 or go to the hospital.

Your concerns deserve to be heard. The quality of virtual appointments can vary by provider and facility.

Listen as former patient describes how a CIGC specialist was able to provide a second opinion for treatment after a frightening diagnosis shared by her original doctor. 

How to Schedule a Virtual Visit

Call us or request a consultation. 

A skilled patient advocate will be in touch within 24 hours to walk you step-by-step through preparing for and scheduling your consultation. Please note that if your message arrives on a Friday or the day before a holiday, we will call you the next regular business day.

Current and former CIGC patients may call the front desk staff directly at 888-787-4379, option 1, to arrange a telemedicine consultation.

Gather your records. 

CIGC’s specialists assess your stated symptoms, health history, diagnostic test results, recent consultation notes and other factors prior to speaking with you to have the most informed conversation possible about your condition and make the best treatment recommendation for your specific circumstances. A patient advocate will send you instructions for faxing or emailing copies of essential documents your specialist will need for their evaluation.

Have your technology set up and ready to go.

  • You’ll receive instructions for creating an account on the electronic patient portal site
  • You will need to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the portal, and to log in on a desktop or laptop computer. The site is not compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • CIGC uses Updox, a HIPAA-compliant video platform, for secure communication between you and your doctor. This video conferencing service is easy to use: Patients receive a text message with a hyperlink and simply click on the link to start their virtual appointment.

Once one of our physicians has reviewed your file, a patient advocate will call you to arrange a time for your consultation and provide final instructions.

Benefits of a Virtual Visit

Telemedicine appointments provide the same depth of information and take the same amount of time as in-person visitsConducting the session from the safety of your home adds convenience and peace of mind while COVID-19 is a concern.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a particular specialist for my video consultation? 

Both of CIGC’s co-founders conduct telemedicine consultationsDr. Natalya Danilyants is available for evaluations over video and by phone. Dr. Paul MacKoul consults via phone. 

Is there a fee for having my evaluation via video conference? 

We will bill your insurance company for the telemedicine fee.  

Is CIGC still offering in-person appointments? 

CIGC welcomes in-person appointments. Our practice locations are regularly disinfected, patients and staff are required to wear masks and we have hand sanitizer available. In addition to these cleanliness measures, we ask patients to bring only one support person with them to their visit. Finally, our ambulatory surgery center’s smaller footprint and limited clientele create an environment that is more easily safeguarded than hospitals against viruses such as COVID-19. 

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