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Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst Removal at CIGC | Brittany’s Miracle

Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst Removal at CIGC


Dr. Paul MacKoul, M.D. helped Brittany start the family she always wanted by removing endometriosis, pelvic adhesions and a cyst.

“If it wasn’t for Dr. MacKoul, I wouldn’t have this beautiful child,” said Brittany, Herndon, VA. “I had been trying for 4 years to have a baby. We were thinking about alternatives to natural conception. I went to my doctor after years not being able to get pregnant. At that point we decided to wait and see what happened. After waiting, I did get pregnant, but I had a miscarriage.”

Brittany was diagnosed with a dermoid ovarian cyst when she was a teenager. “When my doctor recently performed an ultrasound, she saw that my cyst had doubled or more in size.”

“I think the endometriosis contributed to the miscarriage. I told my doctor that I really felt something was wrong and that I had been trying so long to get pregnant.”

Endometriosis can affect the ovaries, quality of eggs, or create toxicity in the lining. Endometriosis experts are better at identifying and removing all lesions, endometriomas and pelvic adhesions (or scars) that can develop from years of inflammation.

Not all OB/GYNs are trained to recognize the symptoms or to thoroughly remove endometriosis, often resorting to performing hysterectomies which are not always effective in treating the pain. If lesions or damaged tissue is left behind, patients can still have pain.

“I had surgery with Dr. MacKoul to remove the dermoid cyst, and it was discovered during that surgery, that I had endometriosis and bowel adhesions. They cleaned me all up. Following my initial surgeon we returned to my doctor and they suggested IVF. My husband and I wanted to try on our own first. If it didn’t happen, we would go back to Shady Grove, but I got pregnant within a month.”

“My daughter is 3 years old now. She is happy, healthy and perfect. I give all the credit to Shady Grove and Dr. MacKoul. Without them I wouldn’t have my daughter. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the carefulness of the surgery, and being able to keep my ovary and returning to normal within days. I didn’t think that I would end up keeping my ovary and didn’t know if I could ever get pregnant on my own. When that test came back positive my world changed all for the better.”

“We are trying to have another baby now, and I’m hoping everything is fine, but if not, I know I have the option of going back to Dr. MacKoul and would be in great hands.

Endometriosis and other GYN conditions often run in families. If the signs are noticed early and treated, damage to the reproductive system can be minimized.

“My grandmother had endometriosis, but she had a successful pregnancy. My periods were very light, and irregular. Now, my periods are completely normal and regular when they hadn’t been since I was a teenager.”

“Dr. MacKoul was my lead surgeon in my first procedure and also the second time. He was very reassuring, but he didn’t sugarcoat anything which I liked. He was upfront and honest with me about what needed to be done to ensure that I could get pregnant and help get my periods back to normal.”


The CIGC state-of-the-art specialists are available at three locations in the DC metro area. Virginia patients can visit the Reston, VA location, and Saturday appointments are available. Maryland offices are located in Rockville, MD and Annapolis, MD.

CIGC is dedicated to providing information and materials for women to help navigate the complicated healthcare system. The CIGC founders, minimally invasive GYN surgical specialists Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD and Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD, developed their advanced GYN surgical techniques using only two small incisions with patients’ well-being in mind.

Their personalized approach to care helps patients understand their condition and the recommended treatment so that they can have confidence from the very start. Our surgeons have performed over 20,000 GYN procedures and are constantly finding better ways to improve outcomes for patients.

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