How to Choose the Best GYN Surgeon

January 29, 2015
GYN Surgery

Facing gynecological surgery should galvanize you into taking control of your medical care. It’s critical to have the information to evaluate each potential solution, so that you can choose the best GYN surgeon. Each patient, and perhaps a member of her trusted circle of family or friends, should not hesitate to ask a lot of questions about treatment options. And, knowing what questions to ask will go a long way to narrowing down a highly-skilled surgeon with the most efficient and least invasive procedure.

Taking the lead in managing your medical needs can be daunting. It’s common for patients to have a special bond with their primary care doctors, whether a general practitioner, internist, or OB/GYN, and turn to them for recommendations. These doctors are generalists, and cover a wide range of medical problems. While you can trust them to offer advice, relying on their services alone can inadvertently ignore the best options available.

As is the case with many GYN care needs, OB/GYNs are often the first line of inquiry. Even though physicians have specialized training in their chosen field, only surgical specialists go through advanced fellowship programs for the most advanced methods and techniques, including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical training. OB/GYNs by necessity spend a large percentage of their time focusing on obstetrics rather than gynecological surgery, and may not have the experience or skills necessary to perform your specific gynecological procedure.

Laparoscopic surgical specialists, in addition to providing minimally invasive surgery, can offer a fresh perspective. Patients get the benefit of in-depth knowledge of the specific condition and the objective, laser-focused, highly-skilled care they need for a rapid recovery with minimal pain.

This is the kind of care patients should come to expect. In order to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment from the most skilled GYN surgeon, arm yourself with all the information you need.

Choosing the Best GYN Surgeon: Additional resources to help make sure you ask informed questions.




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