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Minimally Invasive GYN Surgical Techniques

The Center for Innovative GYN Care® (CIGC®) surgical specialists have performed thousands of procedures to treat fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, adenomyosis, pelvic masses, abnormal bleeding, and pelvic pain. We use our minimally invasive GYN techniques to minimize pain, complications, and recovery time — all techniques ensure same-day release. Learn more about the CIGC innovative GYN techniques developed by our advanced surgical specialists.


The DualPortGYN® procedure is our advanced minimally invasive GYN surgical technique that safely and efficiently treats complex gynecological conditions in an outpatient setting. It is a less invasive, faster, safer, more affordable, and more efficient alternative than standard laparoscopic or robotic surgery. The DualPortGYN technique has been applied to thousands of hysterectomy procedures, endometriosis, pelvic masses, and ovarian cysts.


LAAM-BUAO® or LAAM-BUAL is a revolutionary minimally invasive uterine-sparing fibroid removal technique that takes the best elements of both laparoscopic and open approaches for myomectomy. LAAM® is performed at the discretion of the CIGC specialist. A patient’s age and ability to retain fertility are the most important factors in determining candidacy for this procedure.

Advanced Techniques

RP Dissection and Uterine Artery Ligation (UAL) or Uterine Artery Occlusion (UAO) techniques are the foundations of our minimally invasive LAAM and DualPortGYN procedures. We also perform Enterolysis (removal of adhesions to the bowel), Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (used in GYN Oncology for uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancer), and Laparoscopic Bowel and Bladder Repair (used for extensive adhesive disease).

Vaginal Access Procedures

Vaginal access procedures refer to the use of the vaginal opening to assist with GYN surgery, such as hysterectomy, removal of pelvic masses, or treatment of endometriosis. Our specially trained, advanced laparoscopic experts are able to limit the size and number of incisions in the abdominal wall to minimize pain, complications, and recovery time.

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