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Choosing The Best Minimally Invasive Fibroid Removal Surgeon

Best Minimally Invasive Fibroid Removal

Azundai C., CIGC Minimally Invasive Fibroid Removal Patient

“I had been diagnosed with fibroids in August of 2012, and had just moved back from the west coast,” said Azundai. “My nurse practitioner told me that I didn’t need to have surgery. We’d just watch and wait. I changed my diet to help with the symptoms, and to bring energy, and raise my iron levels. Three and a half years I waited.”

The Watch And Wait Method For Large Fibroids Doesn’t Work

Having confidence in your GYN surgeon is an important part of your care. You need to be able to talk to your surgeon and trust that he or she is hearing you and giving you complete answers. They also need to be trained on the most advanced procedures so that your condition is thoroughly treated.


“In 2015, I went to a physician that my nurse practitioner recommended, and he didn’t have the greatest reviews online, so I was hesitant to have surgery with him. The best help that that doctor gave me was ordering the MRI, and telling me to take iron supplements, and an adult vitamin supplement.”

Getting a second (or third or fourth) opinion is essential. While many doctors specialize in OB/GYN care, they are not fully trained on GYN surgery procedures for complex conditions. The best minimally invasive fibroid removal specialist can remove all fibroids no matter the size or the location, and repair the uterus for fertility.


While new techniques to treat fibroids are non-invasive, they can have a negative affect on fertility, and fibroids can continue to grow if they are not removed.

“The more I read online, the more scared I got. I read that fibroids could be treated with ultrasound, but that doesn’t cure them. I was shot down by one doctor because I had more than 4 fibroids. I thought about hormone therapy. Confused and frustrated, I cried out and prayed earnestly to God for the right answer to my healing. Putting my fear aside, I decided to keep faith and hope for a successful surgical approach and outcome. I finally started looking at surgeons and found one doctor that specialized in myomectomies, but they were open procedures.”

Recovery from an open myomectomy can take between 6 to 8 weeks. The large incision is done through the muscle, which can be very painful. With a myomectomy, the uterus also needs time to heal.

“I made a list of everything I wanted. All of the fibroids had to be removed, I needed a small, barely visible scar, limited pain, and I needed to be able to get back to work quickly. I thought it was impossible, but with having faith in God, I knew all things are possible! I thought about going to Chicago to get radiofrequency ablation, but above all of my requirements I wanted to maintain my fertility. I didn’t want to have a hysterectomy. I wanted to be able to have a chance to be the mom I know I can be.”


“My new boss introduced me to another of my colleagues who had just had a myomectomy. I was already scheduled for the open myomectomy, but I didn’t have a support network. I didn’t know if I would be able to keep my job, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Once I talked to this colleague, she told me about The Center for Innovative GYN Care, and Dr. Paul J. MacKoul and Dr. Natalya E. Danilyants, and she gave me the website. This turning point was the breakthrough that answered my prayers. It was the most educational, informative website I had found. What is most memorable to me is that when I went to the CIGC website and read about all of the procedures, I was pleasantly surprised by how comprehensive and accurate the details were. I found that the CIGC website’s information answered my questions and eased my fear of having surgery, which was something I never had to have in my 32 years of life.”


The Center for Innovative GYN Care board certified minimally invasive GYN surgeons developed the LAAM-BUAO procedure. LAAM stands for Laparoscopic Assisted Abdominal Myomectomy. BUAO stands for Bilateral Uterine Artery Occlusion, which is the permanent or temporary blockage of the uterine artery during the procedure to control bleeding.

LAAM takes the best elements of both laparoscopic and open approaches for myomectomy. Using two small incisions, one at the belly button and one at the bikini line, the CIGC specialists can remove all fibroids regardless of the size, number, or location. LAAM is the most thorough minimally invasive technique used for a myomectomy because the surgeon is able to feel all of the fibroids. Laparoscopic fibroid removal performed as a LAAM procedure can be done in an outpatient setting, and patients are able to return to their lives sooner than with open procedures.

“I appreciated the straight talk. Dr. MacKoul is right to the point. He gave me the facts and I appreciated that. The surgery went off without a hitch.”

“When I finally got past the pain in recovery, I looked at the list that I had created. No large incision! I have to look for it. I was back to work in 2 weeks. (Technically 2.5 because we had a snowstorm).  I had 17 fibroids removed. Three of them were really big. I felt excavated, all of the junk removed. It feels so liberating to have them all out, there was some pain, but it was expected. My pathology came back and it was all clear.”


From the first glance at the website to the office staff, CIGC makes each step of the process as seamless as possible. “Your finance people really helped me when I was making my health insurance inquiries. The paperwork was very clear and transparent. The way that you have everything laid out, it was a roadmap for me to be able to have the surgery and finally start living my life fibroid free.”


GYN surgical specialists can often see women sooner because they are focused entirely on surgery. Each patient gets detailed, in depth attention from Natalya Danilyants MD and Paul MacKoul MD. This personalized care helps patients understand their condition and the recommended treatment so that they can have confidence from the very start. Our surgeons have performed over 20,000 GYN procedures and are constantly finding better ways to improve outcomes for patients.

Book a consultation today with Dr. Paul MacKoul or Dr. Natalya Danilyants.


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Vitals, RateMDs, Google Plus, Wellness, and UCompareHealthCare.


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Even if you are not from the DC area, many patients travel to The Center for Innovative GYN Care for our groundbreaking procedures. We treat women from around the world who suffer from complex GYN conditions.

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