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Fibroids, are noncancerous growths that originate from the muscle of the womb and can occur anywhere in the uterus.

  • Fibroids are very common and affect approximately 80 percent of women
  • African American women have fibroids at a rate two to three times higher than Caucasian or Hispanic women, and they often develop fibroids at an earlier age


The most common include Heavy Bleeding and Anemia (low blood count), Pain, Fatigue, Bloating and Distension, Frequency of Urination (pee a lot), Pelvic Pressure and Back Pain.


The best, most comfortable, and least expensive option is Ultrasound. MRI is often NOT required for the diagnosis and treatment of fibroids. CT Scan is not helpful.

Fibroid Uterus

Delay in Care/Complications

This is the MAIN reason fibroids grow and cause complications such as heavy bleeding, anemia, pain, and infertility

  • Early detection and removal can prevent long-term complications and preserve fertility options in many cases.
  • OBGYN “Watchful Waiting” is not good practice, and can result in fibroids becoming larger and causing problems with removal and fertility.
  • The larger the fibroid and the more the number, the more difficult they are to treat with any method.


Fibroids can be treated with a variety of methods, from surgical removal to embolization, to other less effective methods

Fertility Patients – can only use surgical removal. Embolization treatment of fibroids – plastic particles injected into the uterus to “kill” fibroids by blocking blood supply – should not be used since it will:

  • Increase the risk of miscarriage and can affect ovarian blood supply and fertility.
  • Will not provide immediate symptom relief

CIGC Techniques of LAAM Myomectomy – fibroid removal – is the best option for fertility patients. LAAM will:

  • Preserve the uterus, decrease miscarriage risk and will not harm ovarian blood supply
  • Results in IMMEDIATE symptom relief
  • Has a faster recovery, less pain, removes all fibroids, and better fertility results than embolization, robotic, laparoscopic, or open surgery.

Conditions: Treatment Options. Go to this section for a full discussion on LAAM and DualportGYN Hysterectomy options.


The BEST option for diagnosis and treatment

  • CIGC surgeons are Hyper-Specialists that are GYN Oncology trained – the most extensive training possible – and can remove fibroids of any size or number from the uterus.
  • OBGYN’s are NOT Hyper-Specialists.
  • “Specialists” online calling themselves surgeons are often OBGYN’s who are more specialists in Obstetrics, not surgery


Do not pay cash, use your insurance.

CIGC surgeons are in network with your insurance, and provide equal and often superior care than “cash based fibroid specialists.”

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