CIGC Responds to FDA Warning Recommendation for Power Morcellators

November 26, 2014

Yesterday, the FDA announced a recommendation to all manufacturers of power morcellation tools, stating that there should be a boxed warning to indicate the tool may spread cancer during GYN surgeries.

Below, The Center for Innovative Care (CIGC) responds to this recommendation by outlining why the use of power morcellation  is so prevalent, yet completely unnecessary for the advanced laparoscopic surgeons at CIGC and their innovative GYN surgical techniques.

In minimally invasive surgery, removal of fibroids from the uterus, or the entire uterus itself, usually requires the use of a “power morcellator” to extract the fibroid tissue from the body. Although there are significant benefits to doing fibroid removal with small incisions and power morcellators have been used extensively to keep the incisions small, this tool is not necessary and puts patients at potential risk. The FDA warning on power morcellation was issued to make sure that patients understand the risk for cancer spread when morcellators are used in those situations in which the fibroids contain cancer.

At the Center for Innovative GYN Care, power morcellators are never used for fibroid removalUsing unique techniques, fibroids can be removed easily and safely with the smallest incisions possible and the fastest recovery.  By making power morcellators “obsolete”, CIGC ensures safer procedures for patients. Elimination of power morcellators also keeps the incisions smaller. Procedures are performed faster and more effectively, with a far better recovery and at lower cost. These are the reasons CIGC has not used power morcellation in the past, and will continue this practice in the future to ensure safer and more effective surgical procedures for its patients.

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