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CIGC Responds to FDA Warning Recommendation for Power Morcellators

November 25, 2014 // Posted in: News

Yesterday, the FDA announced a recommendation to all manufacturers of power morcellation tools, stating that there should be a boxed warning to indicate the tool may spread cancer during GYN surgeries. Below, The Center for Innovative Care (CIGC) responds to this recommendation by outlining why the use of power morcellation  is so prevalent, yet completely […]

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Visit CIGC for the Highest Level of Personalized Care by GYN Surgical Specialists

November 25, 2014 // Posted in: Doctors

The Center for Innovative GYN Care prioritizes your care and personalized attention. We provide the highest level of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery by specialists who have received advanced training. How do we do this? At CIGC our GYN surgical specialists make sure each patient is treated as a unique individual. We provide customized consultations including a […]

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New York Times Article Posts New Findings on Increased Robotic GYN Surgery Complications

November 20, 2014 // Posted in: News

A recent New York Times article relays new study findings on robotic GYN surgery complications in benign gynecologic procedures. The report indicated an increased number of complications occurring during the robot assisted procedures with bladder and ureter damages accounting for most of the increased injuries.

Questions raised during the study: Is the robot better than a trained laparoscopic GYN specialist? Is it more precise? Is it more efficient, safer, faster, and does it provide a better recovery? Does the robot actually do the surgery?  The answer to all of these is “No.”

So why is the robot being used to perform GYN surgeries? It all has to do with your OBGYN. As a patient, you need to know that your OB is primarily an Obstetrician, not a surgeon.  In fact, Obstetrician Gynecologists admit that the majority of their practice is spent on treating pregnant patients and on office gynecology.  Surgery only makes up 25% of their practice.  (ACOG 2008 survey).  The majority of OB/GYNs are much better at open surgical procedures, not laparoscopy.

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The Center for Innovative GYN Care’s Patient Spotlight: Brenda Gindt O’Brien

November 19, 2014 // Posted in: Doctors, Fibroids, Patient Spotlight

Patient: Brenda Gindt O’Brien; Linthicum, Maryland Doctor: Dr. Natalya Danilyants Procedure: Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Brenda Gindt O’Brien is a kindhearted woman with a devoted husband, who never missed a day of work in 18 years. She sought to find a surgery technique for her fibroid removal that would have her back on her feet […]

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Morcellator Ban Has Doctors Needlessly Converting to Open GYN Surgeries

November 13, 2014 // Posted in: Fibroids, News

After a courageous fight with cancer, Brenda Leuzzi passed away at 44 due to a surgeon’s use of a power morcellator to remove her fibroids. The technique spread an undetected cancer by way of spinning blades which carelessly distributed the disease throughout her body. Brenda didn’t have to die, and The Center for Innovative Care […]

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The Center for Innovative GYN Care: Getting to Know Us

November 10, 2014 // Posted in: News

The surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC) are board-certified, fellowship trained, laparoscopic surgical specialists who developed the DualPortGYN and LAAM techniques — revolutionary approaches to minimally invasive laparoscopic GYN surgery. Our goal is to educate both patients and doctors who may not be aware of the DualPortGYN and LAAM innovations, and to help […]

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Love Your OBGYN? They Might Not Be The Right GYN Surgeon For You

November 6, 2014 // Posted in: Fibroids, News

As a patient, you need to know that OBGYN physicians concentrate most of their time and practice on Obstetrics, not minimally invasive surgery.The reality is that board certified, fellowship trained laparoscopic surgical specialists, such as the surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC), focus completely on minimally invasive surgery.

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Have you heard about the recent discussion on power morcellation?

September 2, 2014 // Posted in: News

On July 10th and 11th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held an important meeting with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee discussing the risks of power morcellation. The scientific data was explained and discussed with clinical opinion experts, families that have been affected, and medical scientists throughout the […]

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