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Morcellator Ban Has Doctors Needlessly Converting to Open GYN Surgeries

November 13, 2014 // Posted in: Fibroids, News

After a courageous fight with cancer, Brenda Leuzzi passed away at 44 due to a surgeon’s use of a power morcellator to remove her fibroids. The technique spread an undetected cancer by way of spinning blades which carelessly distributed the disease throughout her body. Brenda didn’t have to die, and The Center for Innovative Care […]

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The Center for Innovative GYN Care: Getting to Know Us

November 10, 2014 // Posted in: News

The surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC) are board-certified, fellowship trained, laparoscopic surgical specialists who developed the DualPortGYN and LAAM techniques — revolutionary approaches to minimally invasive laparoscopic GYN surgery. Our goal is to educate both patients and doctors who may not be aware of the DualPortGYN and LAAM innovations, and to save […]

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Love Your OBGYN? They Might Not Be The Right GYN Surgeon For You

November 6, 2014 // Posted in: Fibroids, News

As a patient, you need to know that OBGYN physicians concentrate most of their time and practice on Obstetrics, not minimally invasive surgery.The reality is that board certified, fellowship trained laparoscopic surgical specialists, such as the surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC), focus completely on minimally invasive surgery.

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Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month – Cervical Cancer

October 1, 2014 // Posted in: News

Cancer is something that scares almost everyone.  It seems random, uncontrollable and unpreventable.  Fortunately there are some things that can lessen your chances of getting cervical cancer. The greatest success story in the fight against gynecologic cancers is the one against cervical cancer. Although cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer affecting women worldwide, […]

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September is Endometrial / Uterine Cancer Awareness Month

September 29, 2014 // Posted in: News

Endometrial cancer, also known as uterine cancer, is the most frequent gynecological cancer in the United States, affecting approximately 52,630 women per year according to the American Cancer Society.  This type of cancer is formed when there’s an abnormal malignant growth of cells within a women’s uterus.  This includes both endometrial cancer (cancer of the […]

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September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September 26, 2014 // Posted in: News

Ovarian cancer is by far the deadliest of all the gynecologic cancers, mainly because there is no screening tool for this at the moment. Usually it is discovered when the cancer is more advanced (i.e.  cancer has spread beyond the ovaries).  According to the American Cancer Society, there are an estimated 22,240 new cases and […]

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Have you heard about the recent discussion on power morcellation?

September 2, 2014 // Posted in: News

On July 10th and 11th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held an important meeting with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee discussing the risks of power morcellation. The scientific data was explained and discussed with clinical opinion experts, families that have been affected, and medical scientists throughout the […]

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