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Getting Fibroid Free: My Journey to the Lighthouse

November 24, 2015 // Posted in: Featured, Fibroids, In The Press, LAAM, Patient Spotlight

celeste doaks book signing

emPower Magazine

In a recent editorial piece for emPower Magazine, The Center for Innovative GYN Care patient Celeste Doaks recounted her story of suddenly finding herself with rapidly growing fibroids threatening her ability to get pregnant. Her remarkable story is similar to many women who find themselves battling these tumors. Though fibroids are benign, they can cause life-altering symptoms like uncontrollable menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain and bloating. Celeste recounts her experience and how her fibroids threatened social situations and just being in public, like lecturing to her students or giving presentations.

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Teen Health: Is Period Pain Something More Serious?

November 23, 2015 // Posted in: Advocacy, Conditions

period painWhen you have limited experience with your period, being able to determine what is normal and when something is wrong can be difficult. A bit of discomfort occurs with your period, but it’s important to speak up when you feel like something isn’t right. Severe period pain is not normal. Up to 90% of women experience cramping to some degree prior to or during their period, but it should not keep you from living your life, attending school, work, or activity that you normally do. If normal pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen do not relieve the pain, and you experience this every time you have a period, it is important to document what is happening and see a doctor.

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Recover From Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery At Home

November 20, 2015 // Posted in: Featured, News

“Our focus allows us to provide the highest level of skill to each patient,” said Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD. “When it comes to performing GYN surgery, women need to look for minimally invasive outpatient options, and seek a second opinion. Too many doctors are recommending surgery that would be performed as open or robotic procedures. These require a hospital stay and have lengthy recoveries; they are more expensive, and they offer no benefit to the patient. CIGC specialists provide advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures in an outpatient setting so that patients can have the best possible option for their condition. They return to their own homes the same day with much less pain, and eliminate the need for a hospital stay and all of the negatives associated with that.”

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The Watch and Wait Method for Large Fibroids Doesn’t Work

November 17, 2015 // Posted in: Conditions, Featured, Fibroids, Infertility, LAAM, Patient Spotlight

watch and wait method for large fibroids“For years I saw the same doctor, waiting and watching my fibroids grow, and for a while, the pain wasn’t altering my daily activities,” said Rashetta. “But then, the pain got progressively worse. I found myself in bed, crying in pain.”

Many doctors tell patients that if fibroids aren’t bothering you, you can wait for surgery. The problem with fibroids, especially large fibroids is that they will continue to grow. “When I first met (Dr. MacKoul) and he walked me through the (LAAM) procedure, he was so thorough. He drew out what was going on with my fibroids, and I realized in talking to him that I shouldn’t have done the watch and wait approach.”

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Endometriosis Champions: The Future Of The Fight

November 16, 2015 // Posted in: Advocacy, Conditions, Featured, Infertility, News

endometriosis champion imageEfforts to help women get the information they need about endometriosis have had a groundswell over the last decade. Organizations like Endometriosis Foundation of America, Endometriosis Research Center, Nancy’s Nook on Facebook, EndoSupport, and The Endometriosis Network in Canada all share information with each other and have been drawing together to get more recognition for endometriosis within the medical industry.

These organizations provide support and the most up-to-date information available. They create materials for outreach to young women who are just beginning to experience symptoms, and guidance to women who are ready for surgery on how to choose a true GYN surgical specialist whom they can trust to perform excision or resection of endometriotic lesions. They work to debunk out-of-date endometriosis therapies and myths and create networks to share information on a broader scale.

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“Four-years after fibroid surgery, I’m still happy!” Gwen T

November 12, 2015 // Posted in: Conditions, DualPortGYN, Featured, Fibroids, Patient Spotlight

fibroid surgery“You would never know I had surgery,” said Gwen T, fibroids patient at The Center for Innovative GYN Care. “You can’t even see where the incisions were. Even speaking about it four years later, it makes me happy.”

In 2011, Gwen consulted Dr. Paul MacKoul about the pelvic pain that coincided with her monthly cycle. Describing her symptoms, Dr. MacKoul realized that she most likely had fibroids pinching a nerve. An ultrasound confirmed it.

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Curious about LAAM for Minimally Invasive Fibroid Removal?

November 10, 2015 // Posted in: Conditions, Doctors, Featured, Fibroids, Procedures, Techniques

Natalya Danilyants MDOn November 3rd, Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD, co-founder of The Center for Innovative GYN Care, spoke with Renee Small Brown of The Fibroids Project in an open forum phone call for women who have been suffering with fibroids. Callers were invited to ask questions about fibroids (size, recurrence, fertility were primary topics), surgical procedures (myomectomy versus hysterectomy) and LAAM (laparoscopic assisted abdominal myomectomy), a minimally invasive fibroid removal technique that leaves practically no scarring, and can treat women with large or multiple fibroids.

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Relief from Endometriosis Pain: Excision (or Resection)

November 4, 2015 // Posted in: Conditions, Featured, Procedures

For millions of women suffering from endometriosis pain, finding long-term relief can be a frustrating journey. The longer it takes to get a diagnosis can mean more damage from inflammation and scarring. But sadly, it can take up to 10 years for a proper endometriosis diagnosis. Unless seen by a specialist first, it is very common for endometriosis patients to increased pain from surgery performed incorrectly.

At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, our surgical specialists have helped thousands of women with complex GYN conditions.

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Event: A Conversation With Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD

November 2, 2015 // Posted in: Doctors, Events, Featured

Natalya Danilyants MDThe Fibroids Project is hosting a phone event on fibroids, fertility and minimally invasive fibroid removal Tuesday, November 3rd.

Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD, co-founder of The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC) will discuss two minimally invasive fibroid removal techniques developed by the specialists at CIGC: LAAM, an innovative minimally invasive uterine sparing fibroid removal technique, and DualPortGYN, a technique used to perform minimally invasive hysterectomies, resection of pelvic adhesions, ovarian cysts, pelvic masses and endometriosis excision using only 2 tiny incisions.

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Navigating Minimally Invasive Infertility Surgery

October 30, 2015 // Posted in: Conditions, Featured Conditions, Fibroids, Infertility, Patient resource

Many women struggle with fertility treatments and discover later that there was a treatable condition that would have improved the success rates of intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Some women are actually able to conceive naturally after minimally invasive infertility surgery at The Center for Innovative GYN Care.

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