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How Hospitals Are Managing a Backlog of Elective Surgeries From COVID-19

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“The hospitals are backlogged and it’s difficult for the physicians who use hospitals to perform surgeries – ASCs, on the other hand, are up and running, increasing their volume.” – Dr. Paul MacKoul

Dr. Paul MacKoul discusses with VeryWell Health, how COVID-19 has effected the flow of surgery in hospital systems and the benefits of outpatient surgery centers. Free-standing surgery centers can help limit exposure to COVID-19. Smaller facilities with fewer healthcare employees allow for an easier, more thorough disinfecting process. An outpatient surgery center does not see emergency or walk-in patients which may prove ASCs to be a safer choice during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Whether elective surgeries are back on track depends largely on the community and facility resources in your area. If more people with COVID-19 are admitted into the hospital, a shortage of resources—staff, patient beds, and equipment—can cause a delay in elective surgeries.