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Get Back to Work Faster After GYN Surgery

GYN surgery can take the focus off of many of the things in your life that are important to you: Your family, friends, events, and work. Getting you back to YOU faster helps to get you off the physical and emotional roller coasters that coincide with needing GYN surgery.

Procedures that result in faster GYN surgery recovery times, reducing your down time to days instead of weeks with minimal pain are the focus of Dr. Paul MacKoul and Dr. Natalya Danilyants at The Center for Innovative GYN Care. Dr. MacKoul and Dr. Danilyants have redefined minimally invasive surgery to 2 small incisions for all GYN surgery procedures. This means patients can often have surgery and return home in the same day, and return to normal life within a few days after the procedure. Cancer patients are able to begin additional therapies without the long recovery of open procedures. A positive outlook that comes with faster recovery can make all the difference with any patient, and is especially important for longer care.

Worried bout being gone too long from work for surgery?Choosing one of the highly-trained CIGC surgeons who specializes in these advanced laparoscopic surgeries (DualPortGYN or LAAM/BUAL) can mean relief not only of pain, but of worry.

While healthcare options are more available to more people, not every state requires short-term and long-term disability to be offered to employees.

For gynecological surgeries that require long hospital stays and even longer recovery times, this can mean a financial crisis for some families.

CIGC surgeons NEVER perform open or robotic-assisted surgery. The extended recovery times associated with open or robotic procedures take precious time away from your complete recovery. These procedures also come with potential difficulties due to complications resulting from a more invasive type of surgery.

Damage to areas surrounding the uterus and ovaries are common with open or robotic procedures, resulting in additional surgical procedures to repair nicked bowels or ureters.

Learn as much as you can about the different gynecological procedures available to you, so that when you choose your surgeon, you understand the procedure and recovery times, as well as potential complications. For many patients, knowing that they can get back to their lives faster can change their entire outlook on total recovery.

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