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Chilli Amar Ovarian Cancer Story Helps Women

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Women Need To Become Their Own Best Advocates For GYN Health

In a major push to help women take control of their GYN health, The Center for Innovative GYN Care recently released a campaign Uncovered: The Truth About GYN Surgery, based on a study about the gaps in knowledge women have about common GYN conditions and surgical treatments. Part of that outreach includes speaking to partners and local leaders in communities to help drive the conversation to a more powerful role for women in advocating for better options for their own health.

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Chilli Amar, WASH-FM co-host of the Loo & Chilli and Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, founder of The Center for Innovative GYN Care sat down with Bettina Lanyi at The Washington Post to talk about Chilli’s mom, her own risk of ovarian cancer, and the minimally invasive GYN surgery advances at CIGC.


Women with mothers who currently have or have passed away from ovarian cancer are at a higher risk of developing the disease. Chilli was genetically tested for mutations in her genes. Testing positive for BRCA-2, she is at a higher risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer.

It is important for women whose mothers developed ovarian cancer to get genetic testing to help her make better decisions about her own health, and decide if preventative surgery is the best path to take. With new minimally invasive GYN surgery techniques, women can recover in just a few days. Most women are back to work within a week.

The Washington Post Chilli Amar Ovarian Cancer Story Helps Women Speak Up For Themselves

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