Emily Courtman, PA

Physician Assistant

Emily Courtman profile

Emily is a vital member of the CIGC team. As an experienced GYN Physician Assistant, Emily is involved in all aspects of patient and surgical care. Emily routinely manages patient care from the office setting to surgery, and provides a high level of continuity of care that is possible with CIGC’s surgery centers. In her position, Emily has a unique advantage in understanding the safety and procedure protocols of the surgery centers to ensure the best patient outcomes. Emily is a true patient advocate.

Emily has worked in variety of medical and surgical environments, all which have increased her ability to interact with patients and manage their care with the highest possible standards. From medical mission trips to Haiti, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala, to OBGYN care at Adventist Hospital Systems, Emily understands what it takes to advise, improvise, and achieve goals for patients and the facilities that serve them.



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