Spend Days, Not Weeks Recovering From Hysterectomy Or Other GYN Surgery

June 19, 2018
GYN Surgery

Your time is precious, advanced laparoscopic surgery can get you back to your life in about a week

Advanced Laparoscopic GYN Techniques Give Women Back Their Lives Faster

Your time is precious. Many women who suffer from complex GYN conditions including fibroidsendometriosisadenomyosis or ovarian cysts, and who experience period-related pelvic pain or uncontrollable bleeding often put their lives on hold to get through the next bout of these symptoms, but are willing to put off having surgery because of the time necessary for recovery. Advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures performed by highly trained and experienced specialists actually makes it possible for women to return to their normal lives faster. Recovering from hysterectomy can be about one week.

Delaying Treatment For GYN Conditions Can Lead To Complications

Many women are unaware that delaying treatment for any reason can be doing more harm. Subsequent problems like anemiainfertility and damage to the kidneys, circulatory system, or bowels can develop if these conditions are not treated effectively.

RECOVERING FROM HYSTERECTOMY: Not All Laparoscopic Surgical Techniques Are Created Equal

It’s important to know that just because your OBGYN or general practitioner recommends one method of surgery, that does not mean it is your only option.

It is always better to have a laparoscopic procedure performed by a GYN surgical specialists rather than an open procedure performed by a low-volume surgeon. Minimally invasive procedures use smaller incisions, which are better for the patient.  However, even with laparoscopic surgery, the outcomes are only as good as the surgeon’s experience and training and the technique used. Conventional and robotic techniques are limited by the severity of the condition.

In many cases, hysterectomymyomectomy, or endometriosis excision are complicated surgeries, and their success depends on the skill of the surgeon, the type of surgery used, and the size, number, and placement of the incisions. As minimally invasive techniques have advanced, incisions can be incredibly small, which helps patients heal faster.

Women Deserve Better Surgery Through High-Volume Surgeons

GYN procedures should be performed by skilled, high-volume laparoscopic specialists.

Andrew Walter, MD stated in his Presidential Address at the 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons in Palm Springs, CA “Most women undergoing hysterectomy in the United States have their surgery performed by a low-volume gynecologic surgeon. Evidence supports that, when compared to patients operated on by high-volume surgeons, these women have worse outcomes including fewer minimally invasive procedures and increased rates of complications. The factors that promote low-volume surgeons and suggestions for how to change this are reviewed in this Viewpoint.” Every Woman Deserves A High-Volume Gynecologic Surgeon AJOG February 2017.

The American College of OBGYN (ACOG), the premier society in the United States and around the world for OBGYNs and GYN surgical specialists (including GYN Oncology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and Urogynecology), recognizes the growing need for high-volume, focused laparoscopic GYN surgeons who are trained to perform the most modern and advanced minimally invasive techniques. ACOG created a fellowship program in advanced training for gynecology physicians. The American Association of GYN Laparoscopic Surgeons (AAGL) fellowship is sanctioned by ACOG and allows more and more gynecology physicians to be trained in this advanced field.

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