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The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 outbreak have highlighted long held inequities for people of color around the world. Those inequities are especially notable in health care. At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, we’re committed to improving the lives of women through the treatment of …

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infertility diagnosisInfertility treatment today is not what it was even five years ago. Technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, with better evaluation techniques, increased success rates without the fear of ending up with multiple babies after in vitro fertilization, and safer minimally invasive GYN procedures to treat existing conditions. Raising awareness, and knowing the steps to take to start overcoming infertility can help many women and men start or continue to build their families.

This guide will help women and men navigate what can be an emotional, and complicated path to overcoming infertility, and knowing where to begin when struggling to conceive.

April 24-30, 2016 is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), a Resolve, The National Infertility Association initiative.

The goal of NIAW is to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and encourage the public to understand their reproductive health.

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Failed fertility treatments can be very expensive. After multiple tries, it’s the emotional investment that weighs most heavily. For women who struggle with fertility treatments, discovering later that there was a treatable condition that would have improved the success rates of intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments can be extremely frustrating.

The good news is, some women are actually able to conceive naturally after minimally invasive procedures at The Center for Innovative GYN Care designed to help patients recover faster with less pain, using only two incisions.

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The fibroid-fertility connection is important to understand as couples consider infertility treatments. The location of the fibroid, and not necessarily the size are important to understand for fertility. Women who wish to retain their uterus for fertility can have their fibroids safely removed with the LAAM technique.

PART I- Infertility and Fibroids: Expert Surgical Management Increases Pregnancy Rates  Uterine fibroids are a very common cause of infertility among patients wanting pregnancy.  Infertility specialists routinely refer their patients to The Center for Innovative GYN Care, for surgical removal of fibroids that increase the success rates of spontaneous pregnancy, intrauterine insemination, and in vitro …

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