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Treat Large Fibroids with A Minimally Invasive Myomectomy or Hysterectomy WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FIBROIDS GROW TOO LARGE The risks associated with fibroids can be dangerous — especially if they are given time to grow. If not treated early, uterine fibroids can become very large and cause significant complications. The most effective fibroid removal surgery techniques …

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There are many conflicting studies about what to eat and what not to eat if you have fibroids. The fibroids diet may help control fibroids from growing in the first place, but once they are in the uterus and are showing signs of growing, changes to the diet either do not work or are short-lived.

Fibroid growth is unpredictable, and they can get very large very fast in some women. Many times doctors will tell a patient to watch and wait, rather than perform surgery. Women who could have treated smaller fibroids early on can actually face distortion of the uterus causing problems with getting pregnant, carrying a child to term, or have increased risks of requiring a hysterectomy.

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Heavy bleeding from fibroids and other GYN conditions can cause anemia. If blood test results show that you are anemic, it is important to put what that means into context, so that you can monitor your symptoms and make sure to seek treatment if they worsen.

Knowing the dangers of anemia can help women get ahead of potentially life-threatening complications such as congestive heart failure, angina, arrhythmia, and/or heart attack. Depending on your future plans for fertility, it is important to find a surgeon who will work with you as a partner, and who can perform either procedure through minimally invasive techniques, such as LAAM or DualPortGYN.

Fibroid removal surgery can be performed as a myomectomy, removing the fibroids from the uterus, or as a hysterectomy, removing the uterus itself.

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The fibroid-fertility connection is important to understand as couples consider infertility treatments. The location of the fibroid, and not necessarily the size are important to understand for fertility. Women who wish to retain their uterus for fertility can have their fibroids safely removed with the LAAM technique.