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“Bleeding after sex is not normal and should always be evaluated,”  – Dr. Natalya Danilyants In this Bustle article, Dr. Natalya Danilyants explores the potential causes for bleeding after intercourse. These can include sexually transmitted infections (STIs), uterine polyps, or in more serious cases, uterine or cervical cancer. While uterine and cervical cancer are more …

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The risks of untreated anemia due to abnormal blood loss each month include fatigue, dizziness, irregular heart rhythms, and cognitive problems. Heavy bleeding from fibroids and other GYN conditions can lead to anemia, a condition that needs to be managed on multiple levels. This can include iron supplements, iron infusions, or blood transfusions. Ultimately, GYN conditions need to be …

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Getting your period each month can be stressful enough. When abnormal bleeding occurs, discovering the cause can add another layer of anxiety.

Heavy bleeding can be embarrassing and problematic. On a day to day basis, the possibility of having to change clothes or be caught without tampons or pads can force restrictions on what women can plan for themselves. Many women ask themselves, when it comes to abnormal bleeding: when should I worry?

“Any abnormal changes to a menstrual cycle, including heavy bleeding or pelvic pain should be taken seriously,” said Rupen Baxi, MD. “There are several treatable conditions that can cause heavy blood loss, and if left untreated can lead to anemia and other dangerous conditions.”

tampons and pads SmallAbnormal bleeding can be stressful. Planning your life around your monthly cycle can include extra pads, tampons, clothes and sometimes it may mean cancelling plans due to its unpredictability. After one woman’s fibroid surgery, she started to go through her bags, and briefcase and realized how many extra pads she always carried. That is a common habit when you have suffered with a GYN condition for a long time. Learn about the different conditions that cause abnormal bleeding and minimally invasive surgical options that can get you back to you faster.

Hysteroscopy abnormal vaginal bleeding

For many women, abnormal vaginal bleeding is caused by benign (not causing harm) abnormalities of the uterus or cervix. Benign conditions include fibroids, polyps, adenomyosis, and infection. Occasionally, malignant (dangerous) and premalignant conditions are the cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding.