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Step by step. We simplify the process for our patients. Our specialists and knowledgeable staff care for each patient as a true individual, and through a detailed and personalized approach we have our patients back on their feet, enjoying their lives, as swiftly as possible.
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Patient Registration

The Center for Innovative GYN Care wants to make the process of accessing healthcare as easy and as fast as possible for all of our new and first-time patients. Simply call our Patient Relations Coordinators at 888.787.4379, Option 2 or fill out the Book A Consult form and they will contact you to register.

You can then complete your registration on our Patient Portal which will make your check-in process easier and quicker on the day of your appointment.

Patient Portal

Who to Contact


You can make a request through our online Book A Consult request form. You may also call our Patient Relations Coordinators at 888.787.4379, Option 2.


Once a CIGC physician has recommended surgery, the Surgical Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your procedure.

For any additional questions or concerns about scheduling your surgery please call 888.787.4379 Option 4 or email


If you have URGENT concerns related to your post-operative recovery contact the on-call physician at 301.801.1717.

For additional questions related to your post-op recovery please call 888.787.4379 and a member of our staff will assist you.

For any emergencies, please dial 911.

Before Surgery

Please refer to the instructions below in preparation for your surgery. Proper preparation is essential to obtain the best surgical experience and results. Please note that failure to follow these instructions may result in rescheduling your surgery. The CIGC scheduling team will contact each patient directly and will be available to answer any additional questions about surgery, scheduling and instructions.


  • You will need a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry profile, PT, PTT and beta HCG. Beta HCG will not be performed if you are post-menopausal or have had a hysterectomy.
  • Depending on your medical history, your physician may require additional testing: chest X-Ray, EKG, medical clearance from your primary care physician, cardiac clearance from your cardiologist, blood work.
  • We recommend that you have your blood work done at the hospital where you are having the surgery performed. If this is not possible, please notify the surgical scheduling team at 888.787.4379, Option 4, to let the scheduler know where you are having your testing completed.


  • Do not take any aspirin or over-the-counter products that contain aspirin 1 week prior to surgery. This includes Plavix and any blood thinners. You may take Tylenol only.
  • If you take medication daily, please check with your prescribing physician for instructions on whether to stop or continue to take them the day of surgery. Medication taken the day of surgery can be taken with a SIP of water if you are the first case of the morning.
  • The surgery scheduling team will provide you with appropriate prescriptions for post-surgery. All prescriptions should be filled prior to surgery and ready for you to take upon your arrival home. Not all patients will need medication; this will be discussed with you during your visit.
  • No smoking the day of surgery.

NOTE: Cancellation fees may apply.

If you have any questions about your surgery, scheduling or pre-operative instructions or preparations, please contact the Surgical Scheduling Team at 888.787.4379.


If your surgery is at Innovations Surgery Center, please complete your pre-registration by clicking on the link below:


If your surgery is at the hospital, please complete your pre-registration by following the process below:

  1. All pre-operative paperwork, unless done at the hospital, must be faxed to our office at 301.664.6475 at least three days prior to your surgery date. If this cannot be done, please contact our surgical staff.
  2. Please call pre-admission testing at the hospital where your surgery will be to discuss the admission process, anesthesia, etc. Also, please note that a person from the hospital will be contacting you to pre-register you for your procedure.


Our surgical scheduling team will contact your insurance company for an insurance authorization. This will help you be prepared for any costs you may incur after insurance has paid their portion.

Please contact your insurance company to determine the following:

  • Do you have a deductible? If so, have you met it? If not, how much is remaining?
  • Do you have outpatient surgery benefits? If so, at what percentage do they pay?

FMLA/Disability Forms

If your employer requires you to have disability/medical leave/FMLA forms completed, you may hand deliver, fax (301.664.6475), e-mail ( , or mail them to The Center for Innovative GYN Care, 3206 Tower Oaks Blvd, Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20852.

The following information is required:

  • Seven to 10 business days for forms to be completed and returned.
  • Where to forward completed information and to whose attention.
  • Your signature or written release giving CIGC permission to release your medical information. We cannot release your information without your signature.
  • There is an administrative fee of $25 for completing each set of forms; this fee is due prior the completion of any forms, and they will not be completed until after surgery. We can provide you with a letter stating that you are currently a patient being treated by our practice, the dates of your procedure and the hospital where services are being rendered.

If you have any questions about your surgery, scheduling or pre-operative instructions or preparations, please contact the surgical scheduling team at 888.787.4379, Option 4.

Day of Surgery

The Center for Innovative GYN Care schedules surgery from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Due to the volume of surgeries that we perform, and the availability of same-week surgery dates that we are able to offer to our patients, surgery times are often not available until two days prior to your scheduled surgery date. We ask that you keep your entire day open and free of commitments to prevent last-minute scheduling conflicts.

Our surgical scheduling team will contact you the day before your surgery with your time of surgery and your expected arrival time at the hospital. Please do not contact the hospital directly. Be assured that every effort is made on the part of the hospital and the surgery scheduling team to ensure that your surgery begins at the scheduled time. However, your surgery may be delayed as a result of a hospital emergency. Please bring reading material or other things to help time pass while you wait.

Please be advised that due to time constraints the doctor might not be able to meet with family members immediately following the procedure. Family members waiting in the surgical waiting room will be notified by nursing staff when the surgery is complete.

Please follow the instructions below for the day of surgery:

  • Bath or shower with Hibiclens soap (found at the drugstore) the day of and the night before surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything from midnight the night before.
  • Arrive at the hospital two hours prior to your scheduled surgery time if your surgery is at a hospital.
  • Please arrive at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled surgery time if your surgery is at the Innovations Surgery Center.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, no make-up or deodorant.
  • Do not bring any valuables and remove all jewelry.
  • Go the main entrance and then to the information desk; they will direct you.
  • All patients must have an escort to bring them home due to anesthesia; you may not go home alone in a taxi.

After Surgery

The following instructions will provide helpful information that will assist your recovery. These are designed to be general guidelines. These instructions should be followed closely, except when overruled by specific procedural instructions. You must follow your surgeon’s instructions as indicated for your specific surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your doctor.


The staff at the Center for Innovative GYN Care is committed to ensuring that your post-operative experience is as comfortable as possible. Please review the comprehensive list of postoperative instructions that our physicians have created specifically for your type of surgery. This information will help answer frequently asked questions and will help you understand some of the common experiences that may occur after your surgery.

Please note that most patients have very few complications after surgery, however these medical instructions should help address any concerns you might have. The Center for Innovative GYN Care has written postoperative instructions specifically for the procedures we use. These instructions are consistent with our recommendations and should be followed closely. We urge patients to disregard hospital postoperative instructions as they can be inconsistent with our instructions and do not pertain to the exact procedures we use.


Patients should expect to receive a postoperative call from a member of our medical staff 24 to 72 hours after surgery. During this call, one of our medical staff will review your surgical experience and postoperative care. We will schedule your postoperative visit during this call. If you have any concerns you should bring them up at this time. If you have any additional concerns before or after this call, we invite you to call our main office number and speak to a member of our medical staff. Please be sure our office has the best phone number to reach you during your postoperative recovery. Additional backup numbers, like a cell phone, may be helpful. Please remember that we make these calls on business days, only, so if your surgery was on a Friday you can expect a call from our office on Monday. If for some reason you do not receive a call, feel free to call us to discuss your recovery and schedule your postoperative appointment. Any questions regarding your surgery or postoperative recovery should be directed to the staff at the Center for Innovative GYN Care rather than your Primary Care Physician or referring OB/GYN.


For any and all URGENT questions and concerns, please call our office at 888.787.4379, Option 1 and a member of our staff will direct your call. You may also reach the on-call physician during non-business hours at (301) 801-1717. To schedule your post-op appointment for 2 weeks after your procedure, please be sure to contact the surgical coordinator at 888.787.4379, Option 4.

If you have any NON-URGENT questions regarding post-operative care you may email and we will respond to you within 24 hours. Please be sure to include the following information in your email: your full name and contact information, the date of your procedure, and the type of procedure that you had.

For any EMERGENCIES, please dial 911.


Please click on the name of your procedure below to read specific post-operative instructions for your type of surgery:

Financial Information

The Center for Innovative GYN Care wants to make it as easy as possible for you to manage the costs of your services. The information presented here will help you better understand the billing process and prepare you in advance for your visit. By discussing expenses in advance with your doctor, your insurer, and the hospital, you will be better able to manage your medical bills.

As a new patient at The Center for Innovative GYN Care, you will speak with our Patient Relations Coordinators to complete a patient information form, and verify your insurance information. Please bring your insurance identification card(s) with you to all appointments. A photocopy will be placed in your billing file. If you are covered by more than one insurance company, please let us know which company is the primary carrier. This will help to avoid any delays in receiving benefits. If there is any change in your health coverage, please contact the office to update your records.

CIGC participates with most major insurance carrier plans. For specific insurance information, call 888-787-4379. We will submit claims to your carrier on your behalf.

At this time we do not accept patients with Medicare, Medicaid, Kaiser HMO, and TRICARE coverage.

Some insurance companies require you to use a specific laboratory or to obtain referrals or pre-authorization for office visits, hospital admissions, and treatment. It is your responsibility to obtain the initial referral and bring this with you on the first day of your first visit. If you need assistance with your insurance requirements, our staff will make every effort to help you. Co-payments/outstanding balances are expected at the time of your visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard and personal checks with your printed name, address and phone number.

If you have questions or need assistance in coordinating and filing claims with your insurance company, please call 240.669.3134 and choose the Billing Department. Please be assured that your confidentiality will be respected at all times.