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Menstrual Pain May Be An Early Sign Of Endometriosis


How can you tell if your pelvic pain is a sign of endometriosis?

Pelvic pain may be a sign of endometriosis, and it can take up to a decade for a woman to get a proper diagnosis. For centuries, women have been told that menstrual pain is to be expected. This expectation has established a global mentality that pain associated with a period is normal, but how each woman experiences pain is subjective. This means that women who have pain associated with gynecological diseases are often unsure if the pain is a sign of something wrong, or just something that they have to live with. This is especially true of young women who have pain with their first few menstrual cycles.

Pain is never normal. It is a sign that something is wrong with your body.

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“March Is Endometriosis Awareness Month, Worldwide EndoMarch

For the millions of women, and especially young teenage women, who suffer each month with moderate to severe pelvic pain associated with their menstrual cycle, the vast majority have been told that it is normal. They have been told this by their doctors, their relatives, their teachers, and the media. Products to alleviate period-related cramping, pain, and headaches all underscore the inevitability of suffering.

The perception is that this is a burden a woman must bear as part of her biological make-up, and the less said about it the better, unless you are selling a pain reliever/diuretic combo. Those who manage to make it through years without experiencing pain are deemed “lucky.” But, the mere acceptance of pain as a side effect of the onset of female fertility has served, some would say for thousands of years, to ignore a sign of an actual disease: Endometriosis. A disease that increases in intensity over time.

The body responds to inflammation with a pain response. Diminishing that experience of pain and making it a taboo subject has created too many dismissive attitudes towards women who suffer from breath-stopping, mind-numbing pain. The amount of damage endometriosis can cause cannot be summed up in days lost at school or work (or subsequent job loss), relationships strained (or ended), or children never born. Every woman who has been diagnosed with endometriosis has her own story to tell.

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