May is Hysterectomy Awareness Month

hysterectomy awareness month is a repository of information for women researching hysterectomies. Hysterectomy Awareness Month launched May 2015.

Thanks to the efforts of HysterSisters, Hysterectomy Association UK, and Pass the Pearls, 2015 is the first year to mark May as Hysterectomy Awareness Month. is an online resource for women to get the facts about hysterectomies.

We applaud their efforts to increase patient awareness, and advocacy for second opinions. It’s essential for women to do their research prior to getting a hysterectomy.

The goal, as outlined in their press release states: “Founder Kathy Kelley says they want to help women get ‘hysterectomy smart’ and understand the options and alternatives connected to this common surgical procedure that affects 1 in 3 American women by age 60.”

Visit to learn more about their efforts, and follow @hysterectomy411 or hashtag #hysterectomysmart on Twitter.

Learn More About CIGC Procedures During Hysterectomy Awareness Month

At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, our surgeons perform hysterectomies using DualPortGYN. This technique uses two 5 mm incisions, retroperitoneal dissection, which allows the surgery to be performed safely and effectively, and uterine artery ligation, to control blood loss.

Retroperitoneal dissection reveals the retroperitoneal space, to safely map the pelvic cavity. This allows the surgeon to protect the following:

  • Ureter (the tube that drains urine from the kidney to the bladder)
  • Large vessels of the pelvis
  • Lower portion of the bladder
  • Bowel

Uterine artery ligation controls blood loss at a site safely away from the ureter.

Once the uterus is detached laparoscopically, the uterus and fibroids are removed through the vaginal opening through specialized techniques. This avoids the need to extend the incision in order to remove the uterus. Keeping the incisions as small as possible leads to less pain, fewer complications, and a much faster recovery. It also avoids the use of robotics or power morcellators.

To learn more about The Center for Innovative GYN Care techniques for hysterectomies and patient outcomes, we have new in-depth videos that walk women through what we do and what to expect.

DualPortGYN® Minimally Invasive Procedure
DualPortGYN® is a groundbreaking minimally invasive laparoscopic GYN technique designed by the surgical specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care. It can be used safely & efficiently in an outpatient setting for complex gynecological conditions. DualPortGYN has been applied to thousands of cases for hysterectomy, cancer, endometriosis, pelvic masses, ovarian cysts.
DualPortGYN® Minimally Invasive Procedure
Endometriosis Removal
Brenda's Story | DualPortGYN® Fibroid Patient
Heidi's Story | DualPortGYN® Fibroid patient
Beth's Story | DualPortGYN® Endometriosis Patient
Dr. Valinda Nwadike | DualPortGYN® Hysterectomy
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