Hysterectomy Patient Praises Quality of Care from CIGC Nurses

June 20, 2022

Hysterectomy patient praises quality of care from CIGC nurses

After suffering from endometriosis ever since she was a kid, Jada decided to reclaim her quality of life and seek treatment at the Center for Innovative GYN Care® (CIGC). Initially referred by her primary gynecologist, Jada decided to make an appointment with CIGC, and just two weeks later, her life-changing surgery was scheduled. 

Jada’s Decision to Get Treatment for Endometriosis 

Endometriosis is a chronic, progressive condition that occurs when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it, sometimes implanting on other organs in the pelvis. For years, Jada suffered from significant pain and cramping due to her endometriosis. 

When she finally got the help she needed at CIGC, she was ready for a long-term solution. After speaking with one of our laparoscopic GYN experts and deciding she did not want children, Jada elected to receive a hysterectomy.

Of all of the methods to treat endometriosis, a hysterectomy is the most effective long-term option to relieve pain, and since Jada did not plan on having children, it was the perfect solution to alleviate her discomfort. 

Hysterectomy with CIGC’s DualPortGYN

CIGC specialists developed the groundbreaking DualPortGYN procedure, which uses advanced surgical techniques with the smallest and fewest incisions. Compared to standard laparoscopic, robotic and open procedures, DualPortGYN results in a shorter procedure time, no hospital stay, and a faster recovery.

The Day of Jada’s Hysterectomy 

Jada’s life-changing treatment was scheduled amidst a global pandemic. Due to the restrictions in place to ensure patient safety, her mother and loved ones were unable to be with her at the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) on the day of her surgery. 

Although Jada was emotional that her loved ones couldn’t be with her at her surgery, she felt very grateful for the CIGC nurses who were with her before and after her procedure. 

“Nurse Shadi was wonderful,” Jada explained. “She was so kind and sweet as she got me ready for surgery. She even gave me a hug when I was upset that my mom couldn’t be with me.” 

This exemplary quality of care exhibited by the CIGC nurse alleviated Jada’s nerves before her procedure and made her feel very comfortable. She describes how when she awakened from her procedure, she had difficulty coming off of the anesthesia and was feeling very nauseous. Fortunately, her CIGC nurse was there to calm her down and make her feel as comfortable as possible.

“The two nurses who cared for me were phenomenal, and more nurses should be like that,” Jada said. 

Following her hysterectomy, Jada’s quality of life has improved, and she no longer has to deal with the painful symptoms of endometriosis that had affected her for years.


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