Health Professional Radio | Dr. Paul MacKoul Discusses Undiagnosed GYN Conditions & The Specialist Advantage

June 21, 2019
GYN Surgery

Undiagnosed GYN conditions and the GYN specialist advantage

“Take endometriosis for example, it causes severe pelvic pain, and heavy bleeding. Misdiagnosis of endometriosis occurs not infrequently, which is not looked into. You should not make the diagnosis clinically. As a specialty group, we will take that a step further and diagnose it with laparoscopic surgery.” -Dr. Paul MacKoul

In a recent interview with Health Professional Radio host Neil Howard, Dr. Paul MacKoul discusses the complexity of GYN conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis, and misdiagnosis which often occurs in the OBGYN’s office. When dealing with symptoms caused by complex gynecologic conditions, women should seek the help of a specialist, who has the training and expertise to correctly diagnose, and efficiently treat the condition with minimally invasive approach.

The Center for Innovative GYN Care physicians use advanced laparoscopic techniques such as LAAM for fertility sparing fibroid surgery, and DualPortGYN for procedures such as hysterectomy and endometriosis removal. Due to the advanced minimally invasive approach, women recover faster, with less pain. Backed by published peer-reviewed research, these highly innovative techniques render superior surgical outcomes in an outpatient setting, which means lower costs for patients as well.

The recorded interview is available on the HPR website.

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