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CIGC Eliminates Patient’s Cancer Risk Using DualPortGYN Procedure


After discovering she was at considerably high risk for developing cervical cancer, Ann decided to take action. Rather than waiting for cancer to develop, Ann did medical research and explored surgical options at The Center for Innovative GYN Care® (CIGC). A highly active individual, Ann wanted to retain her quality of life, so she was hesitant to have an invasive surgery with a long recovery and significant scarring. That’s when Paul J. MacKoul, MD, introduced her to CIGC’s DualPortGYN® procedure, a minimally invasive technique that provides faster recovery, shorter surgery time and fewer incisions than open or robotic surgery.

Ann’s Decision to Get Surgery for Her Cancer Risk

Ann wrestled with the decision to get surgery for six months, meeting with CIGC doctors three times before finally making the decision. Initially, other doctors recommended that Ann wait until she found early signs of cervical cancer before getting her surgery. However, even early cervical cancer entails a complex treatment course, which Ann did not want to endure. 

The primary reason Ann chose to get surgery with CIGC is due to the minimal invasiveness of the DualPortGYN surgical technique and the expertise of the meticulous surgeons at CIGC, who have had a significant volume of patients with successful surgeries. In her consultation with Dr. MacKoul, he explained the procedure in detail, illustrating how the cardinal and uterosacral ligaments are not cut in this type of hysterectomy. This appealed to Ann as it translated to an easier recovery with a decreased risk of prolapse. Removing or leaving the ovaries was another important decision Ann had to make, and DualPortGYN surgery can achieve either outcome with two tiny incisions.

“I didn’t want five scars on me,” Ann conveyed. “I didn’t want to have surgery in the hospital during a spike of the COVID pandemic, and I didn’t want a longer recovery.” As an active swimmer, she also wasn’t interested in spending considerable time rehabilitating her abdomen, which open and robotic techniques may require.

CIGC’s DualPortGYN Procedure 

With the DualPortGYN technique, Ann only needed two 5mm incisions and a shorter recovery time compared to other types of hysterectomy. She stated, “you will feel great so quickly, but remember it is still major surgery, so rely on your doctor’s advice and your calendar before resuming full activity.”

She was thrilled with the care she received in the state-of-the-art surgery center, which had a relaxed setting rather than what a hospital experience would have been. This groundbreaking procedure is performed in one of CIGC’s ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), and it significantly differs from a hysterectomy performed with robotics, which may entail a long wait time for surgery, a three-hour operation, a hospital stay, and a six-week recovery period.

The Day of Ann’s DualPortGYN Procedure

Due to her insurance coverage, Ann traveled to Montclair, New Jersey, for her DualPortGYN procedure. She chose to stay at a luxurious boutique hotel in one of the nicest rooms to ensure that she would be as comfortable as possible, staying the night before and day of surgery. 

“I managed the three-hour car ride home as a passenger without a problem,” said Ann. 

Ann’s procedure only took about 40 minutes, and afterward, Ann said, “My pain was completely tolerable and minimal for about a day and a half.”

After her procedure, she let her body heal and was left with one tiny scar at her bikini line. She reports her belly button, another entry point, was a little smaller. She stated that “it looked cute.”

“It was a little bit red in the belly area, but it was flat. It was just amazing,” Ann explained. “I was so happy that I wasn’t bloated. It was really remarkable to me, and that’s really a testament to the skill of the surgeon, Dr. Mackoul.

Ann celebrated three days later and bought a bikini online, and it fit perfectly. She said, “I really tried to take the scare factor out of this surgery via a nice hotel and a present to myself!”

Ann’s Advice to Other WomenView recent photos

To other women considering a hysterectomy, Ann recommended that they do their research. She emphasized how choosing to get surgery is a highly personal decision, and which procedure you select should be based on your risk profile, comfort level, medical recommendations, and lifestyle. 

Once Ann conducted her research, she discovered the risks of the DualPortGYN surgery were minimal, and the procedure suited her criteria. She had confidence in the CIGC surgeons, each impeccably trained and experienced with unique expertise. She was impressed with their interest in answering her questions and discussing the medical/surgical details about what would occur and why.

In contrast, not having the surgery would have caused her to experience considerable emotional turmoil when faced with the significant risk of developing cancer. As a result, Ann said, “I’m really happy with my decision. I feel victorious and that I saved myself a lot of headaches and heartache; I just couldn’t take the anxiety of it all anymore.” 

Taking an active role in her health, Ann scheduled a couple of pelvic floor therapy appointments for when she was completely healed. She reports that she is now a more informed and self-assured woman. 

“This surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’m so grateful to Dr. MacKoul and the team of CIGC that took such great care of me,” said Ann, as she wishes women well on their journey toward GYN care. 


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