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Paul MacKoul MD On emPower Hour: Fibroids & Fertility


Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD Tumblr

Nothing is more powerful for women suffering from GYN conditions than to hear success stories from their peers.  In January 2016, Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD and Celeste Doaks joined emPower Hour host DeShuna Spencer for a discussion about fibroids and their affect on fertility. Celeste knew her mom had fibroids, but hadn’t had any problems that she was aware of, so she ignored hers until she started having pain and gaining weight inexplicably.

She gained nearly 15 lbs over her normal weight, which always hovered around 135/137, always eats healthy, and decided should needed to see a specialist immediately.

“I was elated to discover a hybrid surgical option to remove my fibroids that was minimally invasive, required only a small incision during outpatient surgery, and an estimated two weeks of recovery time. This seemed like a miracle! I had to see this doctor before making my final decision. During my initial visit, Dr. Danilyants was optimistic about performing the procedure and seemed confident that I could keep my uterus. In August she performed a LAAM (laparoscopically assisted abdominal myomectomy) surgical procedure on me.”

Read more about Celeste’s experience at CIGC.

Paul MacKoul MD Talks Fibroids & Fertility On WPFW’s emPower Hour

empower hourExcerpt:

Early this year I had a great conversation with DeShuna Spencer, host of WPFW’s emPower Hour on 89.3 FM, and CIGC’s former patient Celeste Doaks, author and professor at Morgan State University, in a show dedicated to women’s health, specifically uterine fibroids. Celeste shared her journey leading to CIGC for her LAAM myomectomy with Natalya Danilyants MD and finding the minimally invasive fibroid treatment that was right for her.

A person can have 1 or 50 fibroids, it depends upon their genetic makeup and their history, it can occur extensively and cause a lot of issues and it does run in the family. It’s important for patients to know that the only thing that causes fibroids to grow is estrogen. It’s not coffee, chocolate, red meat or anything they eat. It’s all about the estrogen that ovaries make.

The conversation covered fibroid symptoms & causes, the best treatment to preserve fertility and finding the right specialist who can give women the options they are looking for. DeShuna talked to Celeste about her symptoms, getting diagnosed and how women often get to a place where they wish they would have come sooner.

Go to the Tumblr post for highlights of the interview and listen to the full radio interview.

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