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National Cancer Survivors Day: Find a Support Group Early

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day: Teal for ovarian and cervical cancer, peach for uterine cancer.

Sunday, June 7 is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day to celebrate life.

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer can turn your life upside down. Along with finding the best minimally invasive surgeon and choosing an oncologist, getting moral support from the start is a crucial part of the healing process. As cancer treatments have evolved, so have the resources to help patients cope with each twist and turn of the disease and the recovery.

You can find comprehensive support programs that will get you through every aspect of your treatment. The American Cancer Society, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and Cancer Support Community, also known to many as Gilda’s Club, all provide free resources. These can range from online support groups for patients, as well as for friends and family; rides to and from treatment; information on arranging housing close to therapy centers; nutritional counseling for strengthening your immunity; resources for prosthetics and wigs; survivorship support and more. With social media, these support groups can be available 24/7. For GYN cancers, these sites also provide Q&As or video series from experts that can provide women with a better sense of what to expect and what to ask.

The smallest obstacles can make us worry when we are sick. Removing those obstacles can help patients cope with day-to-day life, and allow them them to focus on healing.


From “National Cancer Survivors Day® is an opportunity for cancer survivors to join with each other and celebrate this new reality in cancer survivorship that more people are living longer and better quality lives after cancer than ever before. It is also an opportunity to bring attention to the challenges these survivors face after diagnosis, and sometimes even years after treatment ends.”



National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Ovarian Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Care: Ovarian Cancer Patient Support Group

Cancer Support Community: Living With Ovarian Cancer


Foundation for Women’s Cancer: Uterine/Endometrial Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Uterine Cancer

Cancer Care: Uterine Cancer Patient Support Group


Foundation for Women’s Cancer: Cervical Cancer

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

Cancer Support Community: Cervical Cancer


At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, our minimally invasive GYN procedures help women recover faster with less pain. This means that additional therapies to treat cancer can begin sooner. The earlier cancer therapy can begin, the better chance women have for a full recovery. Our surgical specialists Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD and Dr. Paul J. MacKoul, MD are fellowship trained in advanced minimally invasive techniques and gynecologic oncology, and work closely with patients to help them understand their condition. The techniques used at CIGC help patients recover in days, rather than weeks. If you have been told you need surgery for GYN cancer, book a consultation with one of our specialists so that we can help you begin your therapy sooner.

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