Meet Carolyn and Dione: Married Couple Who Had Fibroid Surgery Two Days Apart

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Meeting Carolyn and Dione in a CIGC Facebook Live Discussion

Married couple Carolyn and Dione have a lot in common. But they never expected to share a common diagnosis of fibroids. After years of severe symptoms, they both decided to have their fibroids removed through hysterectomies — in surgeries two days apart.  

In a live happy hour discussion on Facebook, CIGC VP of Research Louise van der Does, Ph.D. joined former CIGC patients, Carolyn and Dione, to share the details of their journey through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Thank you to Carolyn and Dione for sharing their stories and to all those who participated. We will be posting a blog recap next week and we look forward to seeing you all at our next Facebook Live event!

Watch the recorded discussion here


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