WTOP | Adenomyosis: When Period Pain Is More Than It Should Be

December 22, 2016
GYN Surgery

Adenomyosis: beyond period pain

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If left untreated, some GYN conditions can lead to long-term damage. There are conditions that are not well understood by many physicians, and can be difficult to diagnose. Adenomyosis is a painful and complex gynecological condition that can be difficult to detect, but can lead to intense period pain. An ultrasound is insufficient to detect the disease in the uterus. In many cases, an MRI can detect adenomyosis, but if it is small and diffuse, it may not appear on any imaging, and can only be diagnosed during surgery. The only cure is a hysterectomy.

It’s important to understand adenomyosis, know the symptoms and be able to talk to a specialist about managing the condition or choosing the right type of hysterectomy if and when the patient is ready.

CIGC Specialists: “After attempts at conservative management with medicine and minor temporizing procedures, if the symptoms continue and a woman has completed child bearing, then hysterectomy can be an option. To date, hysterectomy is the only known cure for adenomyosis.”

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