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Kathleen E. “Liz” Childs, M.A., L.C.P.C.


Liz Childs is a licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice with 18 years of therapy experience. She specializes in strengths-based treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression, and in empowering women to have unshakable confidence and healing in every area of their lives. She is a certified trauma therapist with training in cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, eye movement desensitization therapy, crisis intervention and stress management. Liz is also a crisis therapist with Montgomery County Crisis Center, where she administers psychosocial evaluations, provides crisis intervention and responds to critical incidents in the Montgomery County community. Liz has been an adjunct faculty professor in psychology at Howard County Community College, a counselor with the Women’s Psychotherapy Institute, and a provider of psychosocial assessments for bariatric surgery candidates at Advanced Surgery P.C. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Longwood University and a Master of Arts in counseling and psychology from Marymount University.

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