Traveling for Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery

CIGC Is The Destination For Life-Changing Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery

The Center for Innovative GYN Care has made traveling for minimally invasive GYN surgery a life-changing experience.

Many of our patients travel from around the world to meet with our surgical specialists. The state-of-the-art DualPortGYN® and LAAM® techniques were developed by the fellowship-trained laparoscopic minimally invasive surgeons at CIGC to treat complex GYN conditions that would normally be performed as open or robotic procedures.




We want to make traveling for GYN surgery from long distances as seamless as possible.


The Center for Innovative GYN Care is located in the Washington, D.C. area, with 3 offices. However, for patients intending to travel over long distances for surgery, the initial conversation may be conducted via phone. This will be determined on a patient by patient basis by the CIGC surgeons.

Documentation about your condition, such as MRIs or ultrasounds need to be submitted to our surgeons via fax or email to ascertain is we are the appropriate provider for your surgical care. All documentation needs to be no older than 90 days. Once it is established that CIGC is the right place for the patient, our laparoscopic specialists will discuss the best surgical options during a phone conversation.


Dwina, Jakarta, Indonesia
Traveling 10,000+ Miles for Advanced Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal

What would make a patient bypass all of the surgeons in her home city and travel all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC) in Rockville, MD for a hysterectomy for fibroid removal? Advanced laparoscopic fibroid removal techniques developed by world-renowned surgical specialists.

Aziza S, New York
Hidden Fibroids; Travel Patient

By the time Aziza was told she had fibroids (five years after first detected), they had grown in size and number. Her doctor could only perform a hysterectomy. After trying to shrink them naturally, she still needed surgery. That’s when she discovered the LAAM myomectomy at CIGC.

Ruchika S, Rhode Island
Outdoor Enthusiast Needed A Laparoscopic Fibroid Specialist

“I was back to myself in a week and a half, and that was important to me. After two weeks I was back at work… I’ve been working out. I went ice climbing two weekends ago. Three weeks after the surgery I was running 7 to 8 km…“I was looking for the best surgeon…If he had been in Germany, I would have gone to Germany.”

Lindsay, Dallas, TX
Dallas Patient Travels To CIGC For Advanced Fibroid Surgery

“This was my first time to go “under the knife” so a procedure with the least amount of incisions and the least amount of downtime was very important to me. In comparison to all other options available I found that LAAM was exactly what I was looking for. So I was willing to travel to get the best surgery possible for my health.”

Leslie W., Buford, GA
CIGC Minimally Invasive Myomectomy With Natalya Danilyants, MD

“I was anemic… I had a heavy flow, and it was embarrassing.” Told she needed an open procedure with a 6-8 week recovery, with a risk of converting to a hysterectomy, Leslie started to research other options. “[Dr. Danilyants] was able to remove all four of the the fibroids… I was surprised at the speediness of the recovery.”

Regina R., California
From LA to DC: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Large Fibroid Removal

“My only options were open surgery (in L.A.) or flying to Washington, D.C. It was a no-brainer. After reading every person’s comments, blogs, the procedures & looking up reviews on both doctors, I felt comfortable enough to say ‘I’m doing it.’ …Both the doctor in L.A. and Dr. MacKoul said that my uterus was bigger than my head.”

Kimberly B., Dallas, TX
Traveling For The Best Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgeon

Due to various GYN conditions, Kimberly needed a hysterectomy, but her options at home were limited. “I was confident in Dr. Danilyants, but before deciding to travel, I was worried about how bad I would feel… But, those worries were for nothing. I felt really good, even the day of the surgery.”

annemaltese_image1Anne M., Nebraska
Traveling For LAAM Minimally Invasive Fibroid Removal

“At first, I was skeptical because it seemed too good to believe,” said Anne. “And then I started wondering if I would even be a candidate. I had 13 fibroids that needed to be removed… After hearing from two people I trusted that this looked like something worth pursuing, I was willing to give it a shot.”

Sheridan Becanic upcloseSheridan B., Texas
Back On The Soccer Field: Texas Endometriosis Patient

“Through my process of trying to find help locally, I hit a lot of dead ends,’ said Sheridan, B. “After my consult with Dr. MacKoul, I realized it was the best fit…The thing I liked the most, he was very honest with me, but he seemed like he genuinely cared about how I would be feeling now, and how it would be for me in the future.”

Cassadra Del ViscioCassandra DV., New York
Traveling For The Best Large Fibroid Removal

“I didn’t realize how much [the fibroid] was affecting me,’ Cassandra DV, Stoneridge, NY. “Two years ago I noticed that my cycle had changed…Even after my period was over, I would start bleeding out of nowhere. “When I talked to Dr. MacKoul, I was relieved that I had a plan. The first week I took it easy…by the third day, I felt really good.”

CassandraDCassandra D., Wisconsin
Straight Answers: Life After A Hysterectomy

“I was looking for fibroid removal when I found [CIGC]… Dr. MacKoul told me what would happen in the future, what I could expect after each procedure. No other doctor had talked to me about that…Because he laid it out differently, it led me to think more about it, it put everything into a different perspective.”

20150528_grace_raynelle_003Raynelle G., New Jersey
A Threat to Fertility: The Quiet Symptoms of Fibroids

“Within a 3-4 minute conversation with Dr. Danilyants, I had a better understanding of how my body worked than I had after 8 years’ worth of conversations with my regular OB/GYN. I drove down to CIGC &  went back to work a week later. I could have gone back sooner. That Sunday, I was at the Ravens/Steelers game in Baltimore.”

Jenny Berkey at beach TN
Jenny B., Wisconsin
Remove Large Fibroids Safely

When it came time to discuss options for her fibroids, Jenny’s doctors only recommended an open hysterectomy, which meant 6 weeks out of work. “As a physical therapist assistant for the elderly, I have to be able to lift and be there to support my patients,” said Jenny. “I can’t afford to be away from my job for 6 weeks.” She found CIGC, and discovered she had much better options.


Sherri, New York, NY: Traveling for Fibroid Surgery with Dr. Paul MacKoul

Heidi, Lynchburg, VA: Overcoming the Fear of Cancer

Beth, Leesburg,VA: On the Other Side of Endometriosis Pain



Most CIGC travel patients will have surgery performed in Rockville, MD. We recommend the following hotels, which provide discounts to CIGC patients.


Even Hotel Rockville, MD (Provides a discount to CIGC patients)
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Hilton Garden Inn Rockville-Gaithersburg (Provides a discount to CIGC patients)
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Homewood Suites Rockville/Gaithersburg (Provides a discount to CIGC patients)
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The closest airports are Reagan NationalBWI, and Dulles.


If required, car service or taxi information can be contacted from the surgical location. This must be arranged by the patient.

It’s important to know that costs for travel are not part of the cost for surgery. Patients and their traveling companions are responsible for all travel costs.



  • Procedures are performed in an outpatient setting.
  • Patients will need to have hotel accommodations arranged prior to surgery. Plan to arrive no later than 1 day prior to the surgery, and stay for 3 additional days after surgery. (A minimum of 4 days.)
  • A post-op appointment with your surgeon will be scheduled within three (3) days of your surgery.
  • All patients must come with a companion who will assume care for the first night. This can be a family member, a friend or a nurse. Patients will not be able to care for themselves for the first few days after surgery. It is important to have someone with you who can help during that initial stage, but it is imperative that the patient have a companion for the first night after surgery.


    If you need a nursing companion to escort you to and from surgery. You can contact Brightstar Care. This service is not provided by The Center for Innovative GYN Care and would be a separate cost.


All patients must have a traveling companion to assist with care once you leave the surgery center. The surgical scheduler will provide post-operative instructions to every patient. Please read through them thoroughly and feel free to ask your surgical scheduler questions at

Additional information for patients is available about the procedures and what to expect.


Follow-up with the surgeon will be scheduled within three (3) days after your surgery.


Patients must supply the name and contact information of an OBGYN or surgeon for follow-up care at home prior to scheduling surgery at CIGC. All records will be available for the patient, but it is important to have a follow-up visit with your physician on record for continuing care.


traveling for minimally invasive gyn surgery

The CIGC surgical coordinators work with patients to schedule procedures. Often, patients forget to ask the surgeons an important question. While our surgeons are always available to answer questions, the staff at CIGC is extremely knowledgeable.



You can contact us through our Book and Consult form request here. You may also call the office at 888.787.4379, Option 2, or send an email to


Once a CIGC physician has recommended surgery, the Surgical Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your procedure.

For any additional questions or concerns about scheduling your surgery please call 888.787.4379 or email

For more details about patient registration, surgery information, post-op care, and financial information, visit Patient Registration.

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