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CIGC Hyper-Specialists Will Help You Take Control of This Disease

Anna P., London, United Kingdom
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I had a surgery to remove my ovarian endometrioma which grew to 6-7 cm and a fibroid. After several months of pain and a lot of research, I came across this center from the UK. The surgery went great, and the recovery as well. Two days after the surgery I was out and about, visiting Washington, DC and just five days later I was able to fly back to the UK. Please do your research before going through any type of surgery…don’t be worried to travel to another country…I’m really very grateful for the kind and professional treatment by CIGC."
Taeler W., Washington D.C.
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"As an endometriosis patient, I cannot say enough great things about CIGC. I had seen 4 GYN’s, all of whom had told me my pain was not GYN. I went to surgery and since that day, almost two years ago, the CIGC team has assisted me in properly managing my endometriosis, and I’ve been a much happier person. I highly recommend CIGC to anyone with endometriosis."
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"I have suffered for year with debilitating endometriosis, most doctors didn’t understand or just wanted to give me pain meds instead of a real treatment. CIGC was incredible, and treated me the utmost respect and bedside manner. The entire office comes HIGHLY recommended!!"
Michelle Smith
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"I had a large 19 cm mass (8 inches) that needed to be removed off my left ovary. The GYN in my home town wanted to cut me…It ended up being stage 4 endometriosis and CIGC was able to remove it laparoscopically. I am not sure many other surgeons could have done what they did so minimally invasive. I was up and walking, my incisions are healing and barely noticeable. I traveled from Michigan for this surgery and I feel like myself again. HIGHLY recommend CIGC."
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"Recently my daughter had surgery and their team is the best. Caring, extremely knowledgeable, superb quality, and has given her life back when most doctors in this field are clueless. Day after surgery felt relief. Other GYN doctors wanted to push drugs with serious side effects. If you want the best go here."
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"I traveled from NJ for a consultation with CIGC..recovery time was minimal, excellent surgical team. It was worth traveling out of state to have surgery with them, and my insurance covered everything."
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"I can’t even put into words how thankful I am that I found this place….CIGC found a solution to my 2+ decades of suffering that countless doctors dismissed. All my concerns were taken seriously…I’m 6 weeks out now and cried tears of joy when my first “period” had no pain. They have a great team there."
Nita D
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"CIGC was my second opinion as I had been suffering with endo for years. My current ob-gyn didn’t really take my symptoms seriously..suffering with extreme pain during my cycle for years, it began to get worse over time. All she stated was “you just need to get pregnant.” I was tired of the pain and needed answers. I had endo and adeno..Don’t wait like I did. I honestly think that had I found CIGC years ago."
Nadine T., Houston TX
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"I over-research everything…when I needed surgery for Stage IV Endo I did my homework by reading all of the CIGC published papers. These surgeons have the lowest complication rates anywhere..I don’t care how much you love your regular OBGYN – don’t have him or her do your surgery! Hands down, CIGC surgeons are the best."
Teresa Hanover, VA
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"I was originally diagnosed with a HUGE ovarian cyst 12” x 8” x 5”. My GYN told me would be cut vertically 10” down my stomach, would take me 6-8 weeks to recover. That night I did some research and found CIGC. Surgery was fast and easy! Day after I feel AMAZING!"
Maggie S.
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"Great doctor. Much more helpful that the gyno I was seeing. Got answers almost immediately and had surgery schedule within a month. Healed fast and no scars from the incisions."
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"CIGC is the best..had laparoscopic resection of endometriosis and removal of an ovarian cyst. I had surgery on Friday and was back to work on Tuesday with no pain. This practice is the only choice for minimally invasive surgery!"
Michelle S, Clarkson MI
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"CIGC somehow removed a HUGE 19 cm endometrioma that was attached to my bowel, bladder, left ovary and tubes..I was up and walking not even 3 days later as if I didn’t just have surgery. It’s been 3 months and I have not had a single pain since my endometriosis has been removed. I was in debilitating pain everyday, almost lost my job due to it – I was always sick, needing a heating pad, feeling like I was going to throw up. CIGC gave me my life back..every other doctor wanted to remove it by open surgery. I was terrified of having surgery I’m only 24. Thank you so much CIGC…thanks for giving me my life back."
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"I had been suffering for many years with painful period. This last year things took a turn for the worse. Due to endometriosis I had abdominal ascites, I looked 4 months pregnant. After searching for months I made an appointment with CIGC. The best thing I ever did. They saved my life. After surgery I feel like a new person."
Elizabeth Taylor
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"CIGC performed a myomectomy and endometriosis surgery for me and I had a wonderful recovery. Having endometriosis is definitely a journey to wellness and I am so thankful that CIGC is an integral part of my wellness journey."
Rare Jewel
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"There are not enough words or ways I can thank CIGC…I had been suffering for years. Moved from IL to MD saved my life. Doctors back home dropped the ball…I went through 4 surgeries for my severe endometriosis and adenomyosis that were damaging other organs…I can honestly say now that I have not felt this great in years."
Austin, TX
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"I hope you don’t find yourself needing a hysterectomy with ovary removal, but if you do this is the practice you want. CIGC changed my life. I had surgery for severe endometriosis plus fibroids and adenomyosis. I am finally living a pain-free life and making peace with my body. I also traveled for this surgery and wouldn’t change a thing about it. So worth it to regain your life."

Top 6 Reasons CIGC is the Better Option

(def: An Extreme Specialist, working in a particularly narrow and specialized field)

  • GYN Oncology trained surgeons at the highest level of training
  • There is No Better Surgeon for this disease: NOT the OBGYN, the minimally invasive GYN specialist, the General Surgeon or Urologist
  • The most effective form of Excisional treatment available
  • In one 30 minute surgery, Hyper-Specialists accomplish what Orlissa or Birth Control pills will NEVER achieve.
  • Prove superior outcomes
  • Superior quality care, lowest possible cost

CIGC Hyper-Specialists and Endometriosis – the most effective, safe, and affordable treatment possible.

A 30 minute consult with a CIGC surgeon will provide insight into what endometriosis is and how it should be treated. From diagnosis, surgical treatment, medical suppression and fertility advice all while using your in-network insurance benefits – CIGC Hyper-Specialists are the better option.

Emily's Story: Minimally Invasive Endometriosis Removal

Top 6 Reasons Explained

CIGC specialists are experts in the diagnosis and surgical management of endometriosis. They have performed more than 25,000 surgical procedures to treat complex conditions like endometriosis, and have dedicated their careers to providing the best possible treatment for this difficult disease. 

Hyper-Specialist: GYN Oncology trained surgeons at the highest level of training who concentrate ONLY on surgery, not Obstetrics, providing patients the best possible care and outcome.

  • GYN Oncology training uses very advanced techniques for the removal of cancers, which include surgery on the bowel, bladder, ureters, vessels, diaphragms
  • Endometriosis is NOT a cancer but spreads locally much like cancer and is surgically treated the same way
  • Using advanced GYN Oncology cancer techniques such as DualportGYN Retroperitoneal Excisional Therapy (RET) provides the best endometriosis care possible
  • OBGYN’s and Minimally Invasive endometriosis “specialists” are typically NOT trained in these advanced techniques, and often do NOT remove all disease OR “ablate” (burn) endometriosis implants, which is not nearly as effective


Dualport RET for Endometriosis: THE BEST possible surgery performed in a rapid time frame with very low complications and high success rates.

  • DualportGYN uses a combination of two to three incisions cosmetically placed and Retroperitoneal Excision Therapy (RET) to ensure the best possible outcomes for any GYN condition
  • The results are dramatic: immediate relief of pain, removal of ALL disease which decreases inflammation and increases fertility rates
  • Robotics are NOT required
  • CICG NEVER uses ablation or burning techniques which do not remove all disease and are not effective

Ablation (burning) vs. Excision

Source: “The Endo-Graphic” by Sarah Soward

RET is a highly advanced technique that allows the removal of ALL disease from any structure in the pelvis or abdomen. Since endometriosis involves the peritoneal lining covering all organs, RET separates out the lining from the organ, and then goes retro – or “behind” the lining – to remove all the disease safely and quickly to any structure. That includes not only endometriosis on the tubes, uterus, and ovaries, but also on the bowel, bladder, ureters (tubes that drain urine from the kidney to the bladder), diaphragm, and other structures.

Surgery is ALWAYS performed first – the reasons why:

  • Surgery STAGES the disease and tells how advanced it is so the correct medical suppression can be used AFTER surgery
  • Surgery removes ALL the disease when RET is used, and does in 30 minutes what it would take medical therapy MONTHS or NEVER to achieve
  • Surgery immediately treats pain and symptoms. Medical therapy takes much longer, and inadequately treats the disease
  • Surgery does not have menopausal side effects that last for months with Orlissa or Lupron therapy, or weight gain with other stronger medicines
  • Surgery potentially can INCREASE fertility rates after removal of disease
  • Medical therapy DECREASES fertility rates for an extended time after starting treatment
    • This is because medical therapy stops OVULATION, which decreases estrogen. Estrogen makes endometriosis grow. No ovulation, no pregnancy.

Endometriosis causes inflammation, which decreases fertility.


  • Blocks the formation of the sperm and egg to form an embryo
  • Prevents the embryo from traveling down the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity
  • Decreases implantation of the embryo into the uterine lining to form a baby 

Endometriosis excision: 

  • Removes endometriosis and scar tissue from the tubes
  • Decreases inflammation to allow for embryo implantation
  • Significantly enhances fertility
  • In the following diagram, red “X”s indicate where endometriosis can block fertility

Successful endometriosis surgery can increase fertility chances when surgery is properly performed with removal of all disease since inflammation is decreased. Symptoms of severe pelvic pain, difficulty with intercourse and pain with intercourse, heavy bleeding, and the need for narcotics to control pain can resolve after surgery as well.

  • Dedication and devotion to surgery is what CIGC is all about. That allows CIGC surgeons to perform a high volume of surgical procedures that allows refinement of techniques and procedures, and increases success while decreasing complications.
  • High volume surgeons will ALWAYS have better results than low volume surgeons
  • CIGC publishes those results in “peer reviewed journals” which educates the public and other health care providers about CIGC results and outcomes

¹ A Retroperitoneal Approach to Endometriosis Excisions: Surgical Outcomes and Seven Year Followup
² Prevalence and Risk Factors of Coexisting Endometriosis in Women Undergoing LAAM for Symptomatic Leiomyoma and Subfertility

  • CIGC surgeons are NOT Cash Based OR Out of Network – they do NOT require payment up front in the tens of thousands of dollars to provide care
  • CIGC participates with most insurance plans AND provides care equal to, and often better than, Cash Based or Out of Network surgeons
  • CIGC surgeons use qualified Surgery Centers to perform surgery. Customized care in a comfortable, convenient surgery center increases the quality of care while further reducing the costs and the inconvenience of the hospital.
  • CIGC does not use Robotics. Robots are hospital based, use more and larger incisions, are more expensive with much higher complication rates, and are not needed to provide the highest quality of care. 


The result is SUPERIOR QUALITY CARE while using your IN NETWORK insurance to keep your costs as low as possible. Endometriosis does not discriminate between the wealthy and the not so wealthy. Neither should your surgeon.

Speak With Our Team

A member of our patient care team would be happy to walk you through what to expect, answer your questions and help you get started with your treatment process.

CIGC Hyper-Specialists and Surgery Centers

CIGC surgeons perform DualportGYN Retroperitoneal Excision Therapy in their own approved GYN focused ambulatory surgery centers. Surgery in an outpatient surgery center is safer with higher patient satisfaction than a hospital, and at much lower cost. This is “Value Based Care” – the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

The following is from Price Procedure LookUp from, and shows differences in pricing between ambulatory surgery centers and the hospital for a laparoscopic code for removal of endometriosis. The code below is just for one procedure – often several codes are used so there is an even greater savings. The information below is an example and is not representative of what patients will pay. Each patient’s cost will vary according to their insurance cost share, but overall surgery centers will decrease costs dramatically over the hospital.

Laparoscopy, surgical; with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera, or peritoneal surface by any method. 
Code: 58662

Cost (1)

Consult with a CIGC Hyper-Specialist

Consider a consulation with a CIGC Hyper-Specialist to discuss options available for you and your particular needs. In a 30 minute session, CIGC will customize a treatment plan that will outline differences in surgical and non-surgical options, and how DualportGYN Hysterectomy can help you improve your quality of life and emotional health. CIGC is the leader in minimally invasive GYN surgery, and will always provide information to you that has your best options in mind.

Our Patients Say it Best: What Life is Like After Endometriosis Excision

“After surgery at CIGC I could tell this time was different. I had surgery on a Thursday, rested on Friday, and on Saturday I was up and doing normal stuff. Now I feel like I could run a mile. I feel so light now. All of my activities, work, elder care, none of that feels as heavy anymore. Nothing is slowing me down.”

– Dorran

“I had a negative experience with a past laparoscopy and made CIGC aware. This experience was nothing like the last. I felt heard, comfortable, safe and well informed. The staff and facility are top notch!”

– Terri

Are You Looking for an “Endometriosis Specialist Near Me”?

CIGC is an advanced center for endometriosis treatment where you can speak with a dedicated endometriosis specialist to find the best possible solution for your condition. Contact us today to get your life back on track.

Superior Surgical Outcomes Published in Top Medical Journals


The DualPortGYN procedure has been proven superior to other minimally invasive techniques and open surgery. In addition, we have shown that these procedures can be performed safely and more efficiently in an ambulatory surgery center. Our nationally and internationally renowned techniques have been published in prestigious medical journals due to exceptional patient outcomes.


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