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Ovarian Cyst and Pelvic Mass Surgeons at CIGC

When you have a persistent ovarian cyst or one that looks suspicious on an imaging test, you deserve prompt care from trusted expertsThe ovarian cyst and pelvic mass specialists at CIGC have performed more than 25,000 complex GYN procedures. Our highly rated surgeons treat ovarian cysts and pelvic masses with careful attention to your well-being, from your initial consultation to the post-surgical follow-up visit. At CIGC, you have a partner in your care.  

What Is an Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cysts are typically small and harmless growths on the ovary — you may not even have any symptoms. However, when they get larger or if they twist, cysts can cause problems. They can rupture and cause internal bleeding, which requires immediate attention and treatment. In addition, a kind of cyst called an endometrioma can be cancerous; this kind of mass is more common among women who are past their childbearing years. 

Ovarian cysts may call for intervention when they: 

  • Don’t go away after several months. 
  • Are large or have grown over time. 
  • Raise concerns on an ultrasound. 
  • Are accompanied by pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding or other related symptoms. 

Treatment Options

Some OBGYNs and GYN specialists routinely follow a “watch and wait” approach to ovarian cyst treatmentAt CIGC, we don’t recommend this approach for questionable growths because delaying care can lead to serious complications.  

Another option, medical management via birth control or other hormonal therapy, risks increased pain and bleeding and eventual harm to the quality of your eggs. 

Minimally invasive cystectomy to remove an ovarian cyst is the best treatment option. 

However, not all ovarian cyst surgery is equal. A less-skilled physician may opt for surgery but tell you the ovary must be removed along with the cyst. Surgical specialists like those at CIGC can remove an ovarian cyst while, in most cases, preserving the healthy ovary. This is essential for women who are premenopausal or who wish to preserve their fertility. Another reason to insist on a highly qualified specialist is that endometriosis may be present with ovarian cysts. CIGC’s surgeons can efficiently remove the cyst and any endometriosis identified during the same procedure. 

Surgical Treatment
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A Gynecological Surgery Center of Distinction

CIGC is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery by AAGL (the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists).  

At CIGC, each of our patients is empowered to be part of the decision-making process for their careWe give women the knowledge to be confident in their choice of ovarian cyst or pelvic mass treatment. 


Advanced Techniques

Unlike the standard GYN surgical techniques, our DualPortGYN® and LAAM® procedures allow patients to return home the same day. These advanced techniques also provide shorter recovery times and better outcomes.  

Compared to open, robotic-assisted and standard laparoscopic techniques, CIGC surgical specialists use fewer and smaller incisions to minimize scarring and speed up recovery, resulting in lower complication rates. We get our patients back to their daily lives in one to two weeks on average — free from their GYN symptoms and worries. 

Patients with ovarian cysts or pelvic masses benefit greatly from CIGC’s DualPortGYN surgery. If an ovarian cyst is cancerous, patients can begin treatment sooner thanks to the quick recovery this technique affords. 

DualPortGYN Procedure Standard Laparoscopic Robotic Open
Length of Procedure 30 min–1 Hour1 2–3 Hours2,3,4 2–3 Hours2,3,9 1–2 Hours3,9
Number of Incisions 2 (5 mm)1 4 (5 mm)5 3–7 (8–12 mm)1,10 1 Large (10–15 cm)12,13
Hospital Stay 0 Days1 0–1 Day1,6,7 1–2 Days7,11 3 Days3,7
Recovery Time About 1 Week1 Up to 3 Weeks8 Up to 6 Weeks1 Up to 8 Weeks8,14
LAAM Procedure Standard Laparoscopic Robotic Open
Length of Procedure 74-90min1 107-124min1 159-252min1 229-275min1
Number of Incisions 21 3–45,6 4–58,10 1 x 10–15 cm13,14
Max Number of Fibroids Removed 1031 181 131 651
Hospital Stay 0 Days1 1 Day14 1 Day4,11 2–3 Days4,11
Recovery Time 10–14 Days1 Up to 3 Weeks7,17 Up to 3 Weeks12 Up to 8 Weeks10,15,16
Conversion to Open Surgery 0.7%1 22.9%1 8.2%1 N/A

Success Stories: Our Patients Say It Best

“DualPortGYN is the procedure women deserve!” — Valinda 

“We were able to schedule very quickly. My incisions are very small and healed quickly. I was in minimal pain post-surgery and now feel so much better.” — Kiera 

“What I liked best about my experience was Dr. D’s confidence while still making me feel heard. The two incisions were in places that the body conceals.” — Jessica 


Our Doctors

Our fellowship-trained, minimally invasive GYN specialists are renowned for their leadership and expertise in the diagnosis and management of complex GYN conditions such as ovarian cysts and pelvic masses. They have innovated advanced minimally invasive gynecological surgery techniques, such as DualPortGYN® and LAAM®, for women of all ages. Patients whose ovarian cysts prove to be potentially cancerous endometriomas (“chocolate cysts”) will benefit from being treated by our laparoscopic specialists who are also board-certified in gynecologic oncology.  

Laparoscopic GYN Surgeon

Surgical Centers

CIGC performs GYN procedures in state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). You can have peace of mind knowing you are having your ovarian cyst/pelvic mass procedure in a facility ideally suited to safeguarding against COVID-19. The ASCs are independent from a hospital, smaller and easier to keep clean and sanitized; patients with COVID-19 are not treated here; and fewer people are present in the facility at any given time.  

CIGC is located in the Washington, D.C., and New York City metro areas, but we welcome patients from around the world. Our specialists offer evaluations onsite or via telemedicine appointments.