RateMDs Dr. Paul MacKoul MD DualPortGYN Hysterectomy

The surgery techniques that this Center uses are so incredibly astounding and innovative, I almost can’t believe my own eyes. I wish I could give this place more stars for my review. Dr. MacKoul and his entire team literally saved my life. I spent 4 years looking for an answer to explain all of my ailments, and Dr. MacKoul solved it in less than 4 minutes. After having a DualPortGYN, minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomy myself, I instantly felt better than I had in the past 23 years of my life. Literally all of my pains were completely gone. I was in their surgical center for less than 3 hours for this major surgery and 12 hours later I was out walking my dogs. No hospital stay, no noticeable incisions of any kind on my body, but entire organs were removed. How amazing is that? 6 weeks recovery the old fashioned way, or 12 hours with The Center for Innovative GYN Care.