Wellness Dr. Paul MacKoul MD Uterine Fibroids

Dr. MacKoul is a wonderful doctor who assisted me with dealing with an issue which I had failed to address for many years (was very nervous and scared). During my first appointment with him, he clearly explained the process and provided different options (before my visit I thought that I had only one option). The time he spent with me, answering my questions and addressing my concerns made me confident that I had identified the right doctor. The pre op and post op instructions were very clear and the coordinators were always available to answer any questions. The atmosphere in the surgery facility was very good, not too crowded, and the nurses were professional and nice. This helped to calm my nerves more. My surgery was at 7:30am and I was told that I would be ready to go home at 12:30p. I was awake at 10:30am and was told that it was time to go home. I was so amazed as to how fast this happened. The expectations after surgery were very clear which helped me a lot through the recovery process. I didn’t have any complications and I was able to get back to the basic normal routines in less than a week (of course taking it easy). It is 2.5 months now and I am doing great. I would recommend Dr. MacKoul to anyone out there who has issues related to uterine fibroids. Mine were very big and he was able to take everything out with only 2 tiny incisions! Thanks Dr. MacKoul for all the great care, I am now fibroids free – What a relief!